The Awesome Things: The Holy Land Tour | Israel

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Holy Land Tour | Israel

Last January 2016, the Lord gave me a vision through Pastor Bernie from Wind Watch Makati. The Lord told me that he had wonderful surprises in store for me and that he's preparing an exciting adventure. Guess what that adventure is? Free travel to different parts of the world!! Through working in a cruise ship. Aside from all the exciting revelations the Lord revealed, God also gave me a vision that it was not going to be an easy feat for me (How amazing it is to have an intimate relationship with God, He actually speaks to us in real time!). Pastor also saw a vision that I will be surrounded by enemy opposition as well as the work would be very challenging, but I'm up for the challenge as long as it's free travel!

So there I was, traveling around Western Europe, Africa and I was also given a chance to visit the Holy Land - Israel! I was able to step on the land where Jesus once lived! 

Israel seemed like a semi-dessert country, abundant in olive trees, and the chosen country of God where Jesus was born as well as where he died.

The Sirena crew traveled for two hours from the port of Haifa going to Bethlehem and our first stop was a souvenir shop where they were selling olive wood cross, nativity ornaments, rosaries, jewelries where the prices were jacked up. We were then told that we should buy now and that we can't buy from anywhere else. Who were they trying to fool when there were a lot of vendors near the church of nativity who were selling the exact same thing at 5x less the price. Oh well, I guess they're just trying to make a living but they should not try to manipulate us. We're not that gullible. 

When we arrived at Jerusalem, we had to change our guide as Arabs are not allowed to enter Jerusalem and this goes the same way for the Jews, there is a great division in their land where Arabs and Jews reside. Jews can't even enter Bethlehem anymore as Arabs have taken over that side of the country. Arabs also can't enter Jerusalem. Mind you, the people selling those Rosaries, holy water, holy soil among others are Arabs. 😏

The souvenirs here are way cheaper than the souvenir shop we visited. We were told that they had some commissions back at the souvenir shop that's why the prices are too high.

Before you can enter the place where Jesus was born, this is the entrance where you have to bow your  head. Seems right as Jesus is Lord after all.

Overlooking the mount of Olives

Sirena crew Photo op.

At the place where Jesus was crucified which is at Golgotha, now the Sepulcre church. People are laying their hands here which is believed where Jesus blood was shed when he was slain.

A bit amused by the way they dress. 

People praying at the wailing wall where people from different nations come together and be united in prayer. Hundreds of thousands of Christians go on a pilgrimage in the Holy Land and would usually spend at least 3000 USD for Filipinos but when cruise ship crew sign up for a tour here, it only costs 20 USD. 

The place was called Golgothat before where Jesus life died for His people. Even up to this day, Jesus continues to intercede for His people and we Christians are also called to become intercessors.

I feel so lucky being able to visit Israel while it's still possible, a few years from now it will probably be not as safe. Sometimes people think that Jesus is all about religion when in fact Jesus just wants to have a relationship with us. God just wants to lavish us with His love and be the perfect Father, friend, healer, comforter to all of us. Words are not enough to describe His awesomeness. Once you'll feel the Lord's overwhelming presence touching you, you will never be the same again. 

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