The Awesome Things: IPL Hair Removal Review | Veet Infini'Silk IPL Hair Removal System Home Use

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

IPL Hair Removal Review | Veet Infini'Silk IPL Hair Removal System Home Use

Being  hairy has been a major dilemma for me. The hairs from my legs started to grow really long and curly naturally when I was in puberty stage at age 12. I decided that I could not take it anymore as I can no longer wear shorts or skirts at age 13 without getting teased by my classmates. I then tried shaving but it only made matters worst. I also tried that veet shaving cream and Epilin waxing but that only kept me hair free for barely a month and I'd have to wax again which is so tiring, time-consuming and messy. Whenever I feel lazy from waxing, my hairs would grow to its normal horrendous self again. People took notice and they keep telling me maybe I was mistakenly made into a woman when I could have been a man instead. Whenever my legs would touch others legs, they say my hairs are like knives or sometimes they say it's like a sandpaper.

Deep inside, I can't help but feel offended, hurt by it at times and insecure about my abnormal hair growth which they call hirsutism. I think I got this trait from my late father who was also very hairy. Whenever I see men who have no hairs on their legs, I can't help but feel bad at my hairy legs. I can't wear shorts or dresses anytime I want. I still have to painstakingly wax it so that I can look more feminine as well as feel good about myself. Good thing I discovered Veet Infini'Silk IPL online as I was researching a solution for my condition. I bought this for 173 USD at Amazon and had it shipped internationally to the Philippines. It took 2 weeks before the product finally arrived. I was so happy and excited to use it when it finally came.


I read the instructions carefully and said that it's more effective if your hairs are dark and stubby just like mine. The manual says that I need to shave my legs before using it but I didn't like to shave my legs ever, so I waxed it instead. After 2 days I made sure that I didn't have any open cuts from waxing and that's when I started zaping my legs. I didn't want to shave it prior to zaping as maybe I would cut myself from it and maybe it would cause an infection if I use it immediately after shaving. 

uring my first treatment, I turned it to the highest level which is 5. I zap my hairs one section at a time and it took me 30 mins to complete zapping both my lower legs. I think I might have placed the machine too hard on my skin as I had a few burn patches on my skin. Oops! 

On my second treatment I pressed it lightly and I didn't get burned anymore. I do my IPL treatments at a 2 weeks interval for 5 months before reducing the treatment to every 3 weeks. I'm now on my 22nd treatment after 1 year of using it. 

Honestly I've seen considerable results on my lower lip and lower legs. Not so on my bikini and underarms maybe because of more hormones development on those areas.

Basically, my hair growth on my legs has reduced considerably and I've seen less hairs now and if there are still any it's growing so slowly. About 70-80% of the hairs has reduced. It has not completely disappeared though but it's less daunting now than before and my hairs would usually fall off a week after treatment or if it does not fall off, I just pull it really lightly and the hair is gone. No more waxing, shaving. No more hassle. I wish I would be completely hair free though. But it's an improvement so far.

As of now, I've used 7000 flashes so far. The device is good for 50,000 flashes so maybe it will last for a few more years before it would get burned out. I just do my treatment once a month now for maintenance and I'm really happy with the results. I don't do treatments though during period as my skin is very sensitive to bruising and scarring during those times. 


I would love to hear from you. Do comment below.

"Think happy thoughts so you can fly and
just have Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust" - Peterpan :)


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