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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Casablanca, Morocco | Follow me in Africa

I first heard about Morocco back in highschool. For all I know, Morocco was the country where the argan oil originated. I imagined Morocco with its orange and red themed interiors, it's Arabian style marketplace and dessert like weather.

Morrocco is also one of the countries where Filipinos don't need a visa to enter. Just prepare $1000 plane fare to get there from Manila though, yes I looked it up.

This small country is a part of the African continent just bordering the Mediterranean sea. Our cruise ship happen to have a stop in Casablanca which gave us the opportunity to explore Morocco, it's famous souks (marketplace) and Moorish design architecture. In case you don't know what Moorish is, like me. I also looked it up in google and it's a style inspired by the Muslims in North Africa. 

The city centre from the port where we docked in Casablanca was quite far. It was right at the far end of the port. We tried to haggle a taxi to take us to the center when he was trying to overprice us. We managed have the price lowered and we paid Euro 20 to get to their souks. Upon arriving at their marketplace, their stalls were so unorganized. Some locals were trying to lure us to their shops giving us good prices even though it was already pretty expensive for fake items. It's best that you go to their public spaces in groups as there are also a lot of tricksters around the area. I wasn't too big on shopping there as their designs are a bit outdated or plainly just not my taste. They had some dwarf like designed shoes, dresses that I could never wear in my country. The place was similar to a marketplace in Manila which we call Divisoria, but at least Divisoria has air con stalls and styling clothes.

Marketplace that reminds me of the movie Alladin.

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