The Awesome Things: Kotor, Montenegro | The Medieval town

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kotor, Montenegro | The Medieval town

Montenegro in Italian means "black mountains, it is a Balkan country with rugged mountains and medieval villages. The Bay of Kotor, is likened to that of a fjord, dotted with coastal churches and fortified towns such as Kotor. Montenegro was once a part of Serbia until it declared Independence in 2006.

One of the old towns of Montenegro is Kotor, exquisitely beautiful with that medieval feel to it. Reminds me of knights and witches during the middle ages. It's as though time has stood still in this town. 

Honestly, I've never heard of Kotor before but the moment I laid my eyes on it, it was as if I was being transported to the "game of throne" world. The Star Wars movie was even shot here. 

Kotor is just a small town of only about 15,000 living permanently here but there are plenty of tourists, usually people traveling by cruise ships. 

We came here during the cooler seasons, the weather was so balmy and you can smell that subtle hint of the mountain trees. Absolutely beautiful.

The entrance to the old town sprawling with local shops and restaurants for that local food experience.

The scenic view from up the mountain, just a couple of minutes away by hike.

This view reminds me of the Norwegian fjords.

What a breathtaking view. Worth the hike plus it's a good exercise for the heart.

The Balkan mountains.

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