The Awesome Things: Ibiza, Spain | La Playa

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ibiza, Spain | La Playa

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean, famed for its nightlife and parties by the beach.
A playground for people who want to escape and relax. They have parties suggesting people to be sensual and to give in to their desires.

It was a hot summer day at about 27 celcius and You can even see people both yound and old basking under the sun half-naked. Baring their boobies. 

I for one could never do that, I find it a bit awkward where everyone is welcome to stare at your body for free giving others the opportunity to take a picture of your body. For some reason, they seem to be pretty comfortable about that.

They don't seem to care even though some of them have wrinkly skin and bulging tummies. Lol. 
Maybe it's a culture thing. Oh well. To each person his own.

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