The Awesome Things: Take me to Santorini

Monday, November 28, 2016

Take me to Santorini

Santorini is an island in Greece where it has 2 principal towns Oia and Fira. This beautiful island is famed for its perfect sunsets and is a favorite destination for weddings and honeymoons. I for one, would want to come back here again for my own honeymoon. This island also has some remains left from the ordeal of the 16th century volcanic eruption having small islands with black and red lava pebbles.

I have seen dozens of wedding photoshoots captured in Santorini with its pink skies and picturesque sunsets. It made me gush over it like crazy and I can never keep it off my mind. The idea of just going there amd seing all that beauty in person was definitely on my bucketliat. When I saw in another website Xiaxu's photoshoots wearing a white gown while riding a horse in its beaches. It was simply breathtaking and my mouth just dropped open on how beautiful it was. Everything just looked perfectly matched with Santorini's gorgeous caldera. We truly have such an artistic maker from above.

It also came as a blessing that I was given the opportunity to actually go to Santorini for a brief stay 
during the cruise. It was unfortunate though that the cruiseship left at 5pm and so left us no chance to catch the sunset. But it was enough that I was able to go there for free. 

From the cruise port, we had to go up the island using either a cable car or a donkey. The donkey ride was more expensive, smelly and it will take forever to get up there so we took the cable car which only costs 1 Euro. After 5 mins, we arrived and immediately saw the beautifully white painted houses with zen designs. I think the reason why they painted the houses white was so that the pink skies would reflect on it making the colors blend and complement one another. One of the thing that I hated that time was the heat and humidity. I think it's better  to visit during cooler months so you won't  feel dehydrated from walking around. 

The town that we went to was called Fira, Oia is just 30 minutes away by car and I'm told that they have even more romantic Sunset views. I wish the next time I visit Santorini it would be with my Prince Charming riding a white horse. Kidding. 


  1. Lovely photographs of Santorini. This place has been in my bucket list for the last couple of years now :)
    The place looks unbelievably beautiful through your lens and the colors are so vibrant here. Loved reading your blog.

    Regards, Amit

  2. Thank you for dropping by and spending your precious time here. Appreciate it.


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