The Awesome Things: How to get Driver's License in LTO Philippines

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How to get Driver's License in LTO Philippines

Requirements for Non-Professional License:

Medical (200 pesos just beside LTO )
Student Permit
Processing Fee

An expired student permit + another expiring student permit later, I finally mustered enough courage to get a driver's license. I decided that I have to conquer my fear of driving once and for all. I didn't want to learn to drive a few years back out of the fear of bumping other cars or people. God forbid. And I'm so scared of car accidents, so even if most of my batchmates have acquired their licenses, I didn't even bother, I said to myself that my father will drive for us anyway and there will always be tons of taxis but then again, driving is also an important skill. 

So there I was, sitting at the LTO Cdo processing my license. I got there at around 12nn. No noon breaks for them so it's ok. I waited for my name to be called to have my picture taken and to pay for my exam. Then the waiting game began... Before the exam, they gave us a reviewer. We waited for another 2 hours because their machine was heating up and we can't pass the validate our test results without that machine because that's the standard and they can't manually check it. After the exam, we then proceeded with the test drive. I rented out a car for 250 pesos while a motorcycle tental is at 100 pesos. Seems like they are really following the protocol now since they had a change of management under the Duterte administration. After waiting for 6 hours, I tasted sweet success. I finally have a license and I only spent around 800 pesos total. Now I can take my friends for a joy ride. Oh yeah.

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