The Awesome Things: Ceragem

Monday, October 17, 2016


My aunt kept telling me good reviews about Ceragem telling me about their state of the art hot beds and how many of her friends have been healed of gallbladder or kidney stone problems. I don't really have any of these diseases yet but I just wanted to try it anyway as it was FREE. Anyone can try their  healing beds which cost around 100,000 pesos at least. 

Plenty of lolas and lolos were there waiting for their tirn to try their beds, they actually go there almost everyday. Waiting for around an hour to 2 hours just to lay on the beds. Their technology is similar to that of nugabest. Also made in Korea, invented by a scientist whose intention at first was to heal her mother. Their beds had built in massage which radiates heat from jade gems. I guess this kind of technology is suitable for people who are in their 40s and up as plenty of diseases usually be revealed during that age range. You can give their massage beds a try at any Ceragem center.

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