The Awesome Things: Applying for a Korean Tourist Visa for Filipinos

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Applying for a Korean Tourist Visa for Filipinos

I think it's every Korean drama fanatic's dream to go to South Korea. The land of K-pop, girls generation, and bibimbap!! South Korea has a very rich culture and even their language sounds so cute and amusing. I've been dreaming to go to Korea for 2 years now, I even studied hangul by myself through the internet so I won't have a hard time traveling around Korea. I've also had some free Korean lesson from I've had all the requirements I needed, had sufficient amount for travel and all that. Although there was a minor glitch in my application as I left one question blank which is the part on which hotel I'm planning to stay in Korea. I haven't booked my plane tickets and hotel room yet because I Was afraid of getting denied and wasting all my money. The process to apply for the visa was easy, it was fast and efficient. Getting to the embassy from Malate was the challenge as it took me 2 hrs and a half to get there because of the traffic. 

My application was received by a frowning consul, in window no 2. She was pretty but she doesn't have life and she seems so bland and rude. I guess that's a bad sign. I thought I would go to window 3 for people with previous visas from Europe and America apparently they directed  me in window 2 which is weird.

They said they would release my passport after a week. After all those tedious and exhausting travel going to the embassy. Much to my dismay that my visa was denied. Maybe because the consul was just such a meany and not in the mood since a lot of people got denied as well. I don't know what I did wrong. Was it because I haven't booked my hotel and plane tickets yet? It was such a tiring and frustrating experience. I felt so dismayed because of the turnabout. I guess no Korea for now. *sad*

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