The Awesome Things: Eyelash extensions voucher from Metrodeal

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Eyelash extensions voucher from Metrodeal

Guess what, As I was browsing around some promos at, I 
Stumbled upon Must have body and suites eyelash extension. Each voucher costs P150.
I though that I only need one voucher for this transaction, but I actually missed what it said 
On the fine print. It says that I need 2 vouchers for this. So, basically the whole eyelash
Extensions costs P300 total. It's unlimited lashes for each eye. Their salon is only P50 more 
Expensive than the other salons and it was unlimited lashes so the price was ok.

I look like I'm having a plastic surgery here, which I'm not.

The attendant probably took 45 minutes to stick the fake lashes and to my eyes as I was seated comfortably. I really like the results after as it made my eyes look a bit bigger and it looks like I'm wearing eyeliner and mascara even though I'm not. The lash extensions can really make your eyes have that doll-like image. Although, tge fake lashes feel a bit itchy and everything just fell off after 2 weeks. Too bad. My P300 pesos can only last for so long. Oh well. I'll probably just stick to my Maybelline Falsies mascara for now.

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