The Awesome Things: December 2015

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

MedAsia Aesthetic Center IPL Hair Removal

I've been want to try IPL [Intensed Pulse Light] Hair removal for quite some time now.
But it's really too expensive. I just want to get rid these naaty unwanted hairs in my body. Good thing there's a cheaper alternative-!!! This site is really my best friend if I'm wanting to try something per se Ocean Park Entrance Fee, Spa, Massage, Salon Services and more. So, I was browsing their site and saw that MedAsia's IPL Hair Removal for 6 blasts at only 149 Pesos. 

After buying, I scheduled an appointment at MedAsia and I was just so curious at how IPL works. Apparently, they use a very small machine with a small razor like figure where the light comes off. The attendant started zapping off my hairs. 1,2,3 ... Zap! 1,2,3... Zap! Unfortunately, I will not be able to see results until 6 months of continuous use. I think that whole process is just too painstaking because I on the other hand want to see automatic results. The laser doesn't hurt though, butvthe red light made my eyes blury. I shouldn't have watched it. Laser light is bad for your eyes. Like duh!my hairs didn't come off after the laser, because as she said, it requires painstakingly 6 months for the desired results. I can't wait that long. I'm not that patient. What if there woukd be no results? What if it will only burn my hair? Then all the money I invested would be put to waste! 

So, I'm still not sure if IPL hair removal is recommended. I'll just go back to waxing for now.

Let's Face It Manila Body Bleaching with Scrub

Allow me to give my review on Let's Face It Salon's Body Bleaching with scrub service.
Frankly speaking, I was not impressed with the results or for the lack of it. It was definitely not worth the money that I paid. It cost aroung 1100 Pesos but the previous salon that I used to have bleaching sessions gave me better results and that salon has relatively cheap prices. 

At first, the attendant showed me to a room where I can change take off my pants and gave me a disposable thong then we went to their restroom to have the scrubing. After that, she was spreading the bleach on my legs and I had to wait in that small cubicle for an hour. Since she left me on my own, and it seemed like there was still a heap of extra bleach. I then started to spread it on my arms as well. Atleast man lang hindi ma sayang ung pera ko noh. After an hour she came back and told me that I can start rinsing the bleach off then she gave me a moisturizer. P.S. I already rinsed off the bleach off my arms before she came back as though nothing happened. Haha.

Honestly, I don't want to go back. It didn't take off the tan lines on my legs from the golden tan that I got under America's sun. Matindi din ung init dun ha ang bilis maka itim and tagal pa mawala. When I got back to the Philippines, I was so dark. Parang hindi ako pumunta sa America. Haha.. Kaya bleaching time. Pero medyo na cleansed naman din ung legs ko after the bleach but it didn't lighten considerably.

                                                                  Let's Face It Salon's Price List

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