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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tationil Glutathione Injections Review | Saluta Glutathione Injections

So here it, I’m going to share to you guys my own experience of having Glutathione Injections. It has always been a fad in most Asian countries that the whiter skin you have the more attractive you are. I admit that when I see people with fair complexions in the mall, it’s a total head-turner and it’s hard not to take a glance at them because as for some, having lighter skin can mean having a higher social status and it just looks cleaner and more pleasant to the eyes. Rather in contrast to the westerners perspective, for them tan is beautiful but for Asians, fair means beautiful. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Tationil glutathione from Roche Italy

As for me, I am morena and I badly want to have a lighter, more glowing and rosy complexion. So I started to try having glutathione injections last July 2012. I bought a box of Tationil Glutathione from Roche Italy at a store just beside Ching Palace in Lahug, Cebu at a price of P3500. It includes 10 glutathione powder at 600 mg each vial, it also comes with vials with vitamin C and 10 vials of 4 ml sterile water.
After buying the Glutathione Injections, I looked online for a nurse who can do the IV injections for me and I found Jeni who also happens to be in Lahug, so I bought the butterfly injections that I needed and went to see her once a week to have my injections her price was P150 per injection. Much to my dismay after 5 sessions, I don’t happen to see any results from my glutathione injections, it did made my skin glow but not whiter. After finishing 10 sessions for 10 weeks. Nothing still. There must be something wrong because I’m pretty sure that the glutathione injections that I bought was authentic so I realized that maybe I’m doing the dosage wrong.
Then I read online that the Dosage should be:
For skin whitening sessions should be twice a week or every 3 days. For faster whitening result, 1200mg per session.

What a wasted of time, I didn’t know that there is actually a proper dosage for it. Inject lng ako ng pa inject. The thing that happened to me was that I had my injection of 600mg once a week only. That’s probably where I went wrong. kaya hindi nag work. That’s why next time I’m going to Cebu I’m going to buy another box or two of Tationil Glutathione and follow the right dosage of glutathione.  Dosage means everything! What good is it if you have the right product when you don’t know how to use it. Hindi kase nakalagay sa instructions nya kaya hindi ko alam. *slaps face*. As for buying the Tationil Glutathione online, I\m kind of wary of that because I’m scared I might get the fake ones and there will be no turning back na once I order it and it doesn’t come cheap after all!

4 years after....

I tried again...

I was based in manila for a few months and I happen to get some coupons from metrodeal for double dose Saluta Glutathione Injections at a clinic in Makati Med. I had a double dose injection twice a week and each injection would cost 500 pesos. I kept having my IV shots for a period of 2 months pero wla pa rin effect. I still would not get white just like some people I know who had Gluta IV injections. I'm so dismayed as I wasted 10,000 pesos for nothing. I give up! I'm waving my white flag on these gluta iv injections. baka hindi lng talagga ako hiyang.. 
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