The Awesome Things: August 2015

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Adventures of Puri: Las Vegas

First off, When we arrived to Vegas. What greeted us was the dry, hot weather. It was crazy. I personally didn't feel like going out and exploring because of the weather. Deep Inside, the only time I wanted to go outside, is to transfer to another air-conditioned place. The weather was so crazy. Just like the Philippines minus the humidity. It was the kind of weather where it's so hot but I didn't get to sweat a lot. maybe the sweat had no time to seep out of my skin because it just evaporated in the dessert weather of Vegas. 

4D Avengers ride with entails, splashing of water, unexpectedly and a rod hitting us from out of nowhere. hahaha

My first time to visit the Venetian Hotel and Casino. Just like in Venice.

Don't mind if I do Elvis. lol

booty shake with the diva.

nice ass..

The hotel where we stayed in Vegas.

The best male strippers ever. No we didn't get lap dances. Just pictures for memories with these fine hot men. Chippendales is the best!

poop Ice cream anyone?

mr. cupid 40 years later...

The Adventures of Puri: Grand Canyon

I used to just look at books and magazines to see the wonderful places America has to offer. Now I'm here and I can finally get to experience their wonders at first hand. We traveled by air and land to get to Grand Canyon. We took a 4 hr flight from Indy to Vegas and it took us another 4 hourse by bus to get to the Grand Canyon. The bus tour was quite alright. We only paid $90 for the tour which includes lunch buffet and transportation from and to Vegas. After 4 hours of sitting in the bus with our aching butt.

this is the view that greeted and welcomed us with open arms. We were all filled with ooh and aahhhhs. Seeing how deep and steep the rim is. Sitting by the rim makes my legs shake knowing that I'm miles nad miles away from the bottom. No Acrophobia here. 

the beauty of God's creation. It's wonders and marvels continues to inspire and fill me with awe. #inaweoftheArtist.

King's island and Soak City, Ohio

I couldn't have been more excited and hyped when my friends and I had the same rest day. We can't afford to just mope around the house doing nothing on our off. Life is too short as well as our time in the U.S. So we planned to buy discounted tickets at Kroger which was about $10-$15 cheaper than that from the Park.

the gang... 

They had this mini Eiffel tower too. Just like that in Paris. But the Paris one is way bigger tho. Just sayin.

With all their crazy rides, i think I'm done with theme parks for now. Their wildest ride has got to be the diamondback ,where there's a 230 ft steep drop. It just made my stomach churn and hurl. But once we were dropping, it was so much fun. I can hardly breathe and contain myself. We rode that crazy ride twice!

We rode almost everything there, the Delirium, Diamondback, The Beast, Invertigo, Drop Tower, The Racer. and more. It was so so much fun! I went home with a bit of dizziness that day.

But twas not over yet. We went back there to there waterpark - Soak City. I've never seen a waterpark such as that ever. They have so many cool slides that didn't exist in the Philippines. Americans and their imaginations. Wooh!

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