The Awesome Things: May 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Adventures of Puri: Chicago!

Chicago - another cross off my bucket list. This little dreamer's heart of mine won't come to rest until I've left footsteps on place I'm wanting to see and experience. Every destination, every memory adds up to a box of treasure I've kept inside my heart. Giving me lessons to be more street-wise, travel-wise and allows me to know myself a little bit more. I don't ask for anything but the opportunity to travel. If traveling is free, I would most likely be anywhere I want to be. Unfortunately, traveling requires a heap sum of money especially for one living in a third world country. It takes twice or even thrice the effort to save up the money to travel. Now that I'm here in the US, I'm truly so blessed and grateful to the Man above for this wonderful opportunity to follow these dreams of mine. I'm definitely made to stay in one place for too long. I can feel this desire tingling inside me, on every part of my molecule, on every fragment of me. I'm made for this. This is my zone. 

One fine day at the Bean.

Chicago is a big city and an expensive one too, so be sure to save a lot of money. Taxi is pricey so I suggest you use their subway instead. They have loads of shopping stores and outlets, it drove me crazy, and they have so many food shops too. So much places to go and we only have 2 days here! It's one of the cities in America with huge sky scrapers and one of the most expensive cities to live in. But if you're truly economical and a real thrifty gal like me I only spend like $120-150 there for 2 days. 

my cup of tea..

 a thousand feet off the ground, and makes humanity look so small.. nothing compared to the being up above

I was a bit amused by these kids and that one grandma... They're not scared at all huh

Perfect cool weather, It may get a bit chilly but still awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip with my friends. The joy of traveling is only real when shared.

Watcha lookin at?!

Those skyscrapers though! WOw

so high up the ground..

Look slike Jeniva got thirsty from all that walking..


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