The Awesome Things: April 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015

Disneyland Anaheim experience

I think my first trip to the happiest place on earth deserves a post for itself. I've read a story in Reader's digest about a writer's experience to Disneyland with all its immaculate and well maintained bushes, trees, pavements, well that part was true. But he also mentioned about how you will hear the piano music being played everywhere and how the sweet smell of popcorn welcomes you as you enter Disneyland. I think he just sugar coated everything. The sky isn't bluer in Disneyland nor the trees greener on that land. It's the same, the gardens are just well manicured and you can only smell the popcorn beside the popcorn stand and hear the music on the rides. It's not all that, maybe if I went there at a younger age I would have felt all giddy and excited but there was just too many people and the park entrance was just too expensive. About $100 for a whole day in Disneyland is just too much, it's way too over-rated. There were so many people hence, it took like hours to get to the rides which last like 2 minutes or so. I think we only got to see 7 attractions the whole 10 hours that we were there. 7 attractions for $100 dollars? What a rip-off. It was a good experience though, but it was how I dreamed it would be when I was a kid. You can see all the Disney characters though and the best ride so far was the Spalsh Mountain! Wet and wild!

Pretty decors hanging up the walls..

Ally and I.. she's such a darling

Look at that hubbub!

This was by far the best ride, I totally got wet with this ride, it's no surprise though, as you can see, I'm upfront.. Intense

The throng getting ready for the parade...

Frozen girls up in their float..

Snow white... too bad There's a long line of people waiting to have a picture with her..

The evil queen to snooty for a pictorial.. Mean as always

Visiting Minnie's house.. the chair was so hard but it looks really cute..

This classic ride made me dizzy lizzy

The Adventures of Puri: L.A baybeh!

"Welcome to the land of fame excess", lyrics from Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA song just popped on my head when I decided to head off to LA for a quick vacation. I had a month off very slow business days at the Hotel so what better way to spend my off than to travel to Califreakinfornia! Arriving in LA was such a different weather from Indianapolis, it's much warmer I think it's the first time that I've sweat since the winter season started. Yes my trip happened in December! This has been in my backlogs for months, I just haven't found the time to update my blog. My apologies. Anyways, LA was really touristy, so many people, so many places to go. We never ran out of destinations to go to everyday, unlike Indianapolis. In LA, you can see the nice beaches at the Sta Monica Pier, Venice beach, Hollywood, Disneyland. I just had to go! San Francisco was one of my bucketlist though as well as Yosemite but it was just way too far and we didn't have the luxury of time given just a week! Although I really enjoyed hoping of that plane by myself, being all grown up and independent like that. Good thing my mother's sister decided to visit Cali, so I can just tag along with them and live with her husband's family (even though it's a bit awkward being with them considering that we only met once or twice before) But as long as there's free accommodation, I'm not complaining at all. Even if I get to sleep in the couch at 3 am and wake up at 7am for 5 days and the house smells like dog. It's still all worth it.

Traveling independently.. oohh look at the sea of skies

 aww, I feel honoured standing in the presence of Marilyn Monroe showing off her pearly whites.

Getting hyped up with a band playing at the Sta Monica Pier.

Summer breeze, if only it's not chilly, it would be nice to take a dip in the waters and wear my bikinis, tankinis. California girls!

he forgot to wear his underwear.. 

little miss tourist..

Mt Baldy..

The hills are alive with the sound of music!

Me and Aly!

On the road, this is as close as I can get to visit a national park in Cali.. I badly wanted to go to Yosemite! Maybe next time!

A real space shuttle that was used in the past.. How do they build such innovations! How brilliant God's gift which is the human mind, just like how brilliant He is.

Hollywood! Good thing we have a really good driver and tourist guide who is now a local in Cali, He showed us around Cali and even took us to a not so well known street just to get a closer look at the famous Hollywood sign, featured in so many movies like Friends with benefits! While most of the people were there at the main road, we secretly went to a different street which gives us a way better view. I forgot the name of the street though, but one thing's for sure it was over the reservoir and the dog park.

Charmed life. Thank you Lord for all your blessings, what have I done to deserve all this. I don't deserve this life yet you still stunningly give us everything! Your love is beautiful.

At the Hollywood walk of fame .. dream come true to see these streets walked by thousands of people each day and I get to walk on these streets now.. hahah

The sound of music actress!

all those crazy impersonators!

These guys are good, they really look like straight from the Pirates of the carribean characters.. they act their parts too..

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