The Awesome Things: MedAsia Aesthetic Center IPL Hair Removal

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

MedAsia Aesthetic Center IPL Hair Removal

I've been want to try IPL [Intensed Pulse Light] Hair removal for quite some time now.
But it's really too expensive. I just want to get rid these naaty unwanted hairs in my body. Good thing there's a cheaper alternative-!!! This site is really my best friend if I'm wanting to try something per se Ocean Park Entrance Fee, Spa, Massage, Salon Services and more. So, I was browsing their site and saw that MedAsia's IPL Hair Removal for 6 blasts at only 149 Pesos. 

After buying, I scheduled an appointment at MedAsia and I was just so curious at how IPL works. Apparently, they use a very small machine with a small razor like figure where the light comes off. The attendant started zapping off my hairs. 1,2,3 ... Zap! 1,2,3... Zap! Unfortunately, I will not be able to see results until 6 months of continuous use. I think that whole process is just too painstaking because I on the other hand want to see automatic results. The laser doesn't hurt though, butvthe red light made my eyes blury. I shouldn't have watched it. Laser light is bad for your eyes. Like duh!my hairs didn't come off after the laser, because as she said, it requires painstakingly 6 months for the desired results. I can't wait that long. I'm not that patient. What if there woukd be no results? What if it will only burn my hair? Then all the money I invested would be put to waste! 

So, I'm still not sure if IPL hair removal is recommended. I'll just go back to waxing for now.

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