The Awesome Things: KB Whitening Body Powder Product Review

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

KB Whitening Body Powder Product Review

At first it looks credible enough that it would give me the results that I wanted to erase all my tan lines from my recent summer vacation in the States where I got really tanned, like golden tanned. I wanted my skin to be toned again and to hopefully get lightened up a few levels but after I tried it. I didn't really see any effects. Hopefully once I will use it all up I hope to erase all my tan lines but then again I wouldn't want to buy it again because first it costs P475 at Watsons where in comparison to that. I can also buy other brands of bleaching powder that would give the same results , if there is any, at a much lower price like maybe at P175.

                               I honestly didn't see any results with this bleaching product. It did made
                               My legs feel smoother and cleaner but I don't think it lightened up my tan.

                                                             Sorry KB, I'm just not impressed.

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