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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

MedAsia Aesthetic Center IPL Hair Removal

I've been want to try IPL [Intensed Pulse Light] Hair removal for quite some time now.
But it's really too expensive. I just want to get rid these naaty unwanted hairs in my body. Good thing there's a cheaper alternative-!!! This site is really my best friend if I'm wanting to try something per se Ocean Park Entrance Fee, Spa, Massage, Salon Services and more. So, I was browsing their site and saw that MedAsia's IPL Hair Removal for 6 blasts at only 149 Pesos. 

After buying, I scheduled an appointment at MedAsia and I was just so curious at how IPL works. Apparently, they use a very small machine with a small razor like figure where the light comes off. The attendant started zapping off my hairs. 1,2,3 ... Zap! 1,2,3... Zap! Unfortunately, I will not be able to see results until 6 months of continuous use. I think that whole process is just too painstaking because I on the other hand want to see automatic results. The laser doesn't hurt though, butvthe red light made my eyes blury. I shouldn't have watched it. Laser light is bad for your eyes. Like duh!my hairs didn't come off after the laser, because as she said, it requires painstakingly 6 months for the desired results. I can't wait that long. I'm not that patient. What if there woukd be no results? What if it will only burn my hair? Then all the money I invested would be put to waste! 

So, I'm still not sure if IPL hair removal is recommended. I'll just go back to waxing for now.

Let's Face It Manila Body Bleaching with Scrub

Allow me to give my review on Let's Face It Salon's Body Bleaching with scrub service.
Frankly speaking, I was not impressed with the results or for the lack of it. It was definitely not worth the money that I paid. It cost aroung 1100 Pesos but the previous salon that I used to have bleaching sessions gave me better results and that salon has relatively cheap prices. 

At first, the attendant showed me to a room where I can change take off my pants and gave me a disposable thong then we went to their restroom to have the scrubing. After that, she was spreading the bleach on my legs and I had to wait in that small cubicle for an hour. Since she left me on my own, and it seemed like there was still a heap of extra bleach. I then started to spread it on my arms as well. Atleast man lang hindi ma sayang ung pera ko noh. After an hour she came back and told me that I can start rinsing the bleach off then she gave me a moisturizer. P.S. I already rinsed off the bleach off my arms before she came back as though nothing happened. Haha.

Honestly, I don't want to go back. It didn't take off the tan lines on my legs from the golden tan that I got under America's sun. Matindi din ung init dun ha ang bilis maka itim and tagal pa mawala. When I got back to the Philippines, I was so dark. Parang hindi ako pumunta sa America. Haha.. Kaya bleaching time. Pero medyo na cleansed naman din ung legs ko after the bleach but it didn't lighten considerably.

                                                                  Let's Face It Salon's Price List

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tationil Glutathione Injections Review | Saluta Glutathione Injections

So here it, I’m going to share to you guys my own experience of having Glutathione Injections. It has always been a fad in most Asian countries that the whiter skin you have the more attractive you are. I admit that when I see people with fair complexions in the mall, it’s a total head-turner and it’s hard not to take a glance at them because as for some, having lighter skin can mean having a higher social status and it just looks cleaner and more pleasant to the eyes. Rather in contrast to the westerners perspective, for them tan is beautiful but for Asians, fair means beautiful. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Tationil glutathione from Roche Italy

As for me, I am morena and I badly want to have a lighter, more glowing and rosy complexion. So I started to try having glutathione injections last July 2012. I bought a box of Tationil Glutathione from Roche Italy at a store just beside Ching Palace in Lahug, Cebu at a price of P3500. It includes 10 glutathione powder at 600 mg each vial, it also comes with vials with vitamin C and 10 vials of 4 ml sterile water.
After buying the Glutathione Injections, I looked online for a nurse who can do the IV injections for me and I found Jeni who also happens to be in Lahug, so I bought the butterfly injections that I needed and went to see her once a week to have my injections her price was P150 per injection. Much to my dismay after 5 sessions, I don’t happen to see any results from my glutathione injections, it did made my skin glow but not whiter. After finishing 10 sessions for 10 weeks. Nothing still. There must be something wrong because I’m pretty sure that the glutathione injections that I bought was authentic so I realized that maybe I’m doing the dosage wrong.
Then I read online that the Dosage should be:
For skin whitening sessions should be twice a week or every 3 days. For faster whitening result, 1200mg per session.

What a wasted of time, I didn’t know that there is actually a proper dosage for it. Inject lng ako ng pa inject. The thing that happened to me was that I had my injection of 600mg once a week only. That’s probably where I went wrong. kaya hindi nag work. That’s why next time I’m going to Cebu I’m going to buy another box or two of Tationil Glutathione and follow the right dosage of glutathione.  Dosage means everything! What good is it if you have the right product when you don’t know how to use it. Hindi kase nakalagay sa instructions nya kaya hindi ko alam. *slaps face*. As for buying the Tationil Glutathione online, I\m kind of wary of that because I’m scared I might get the fake ones and there will be no turning back na once I order it and it doesn’t come cheap after all!

4 years after....

I tried again...

I was based in manila for a few months and I happen to get some coupons from metrodeal for double dose Saluta Glutathione Injections at a clinic in Makati Med. I had a double dose injection twice a week and each injection would cost 500 pesos. I kept having my IV shots for a period of 2 months pero wla pa rin effect. I still would not get white just like some people I know who had Gluta IV injections. I'm so dismayed as I wasted 10,000 pesos for nothing. I give up! I'm waving my white flag on these gluta iv injections. baka hindi lng talagga ako hiyang.. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How to get Whiter Teeth | Crest 3D White Whitestrips Product Review

                         My 3D Crest White Whitestrips Product Review

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

KB Whitening Body Powder Product Review

At first it looks credible enough that it would give me the results that I wanted to erase all my tan lines from my recent summer vacation in the States where I got really tanned, like golden tanned. I wanted my skin to be toned again and to hopefully get lightened up a few levels but after I tried it. I didn't really see any effects. Hopefully once I will use it all up I hope to erase all my tan lines but then again I wouldn't want to buy it again because first it costs P475 at Watsons where in comparison to that. I can also buy other brands of bleaching powder that would give the same results , if there is any, at a much lower price like maybe at P175.

                               I honestly didn't see any results with this bleaching product. It did made
                               My legs feel smoother and cleaner but I don't think it lightened up my tan.

                                                             Sorry KB, I'm just not impressed.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Adventures of Puri: Las Vegas

First off, When we arrived to Vegas. What greeted us was the dry, hot weather. It was crazy. I personally didn't feel like going out and exploring because of the weather. Deep Inside, the only time I wanted to go outside, is to transfer to another air-conditioned place. The weather was so crazy. Just like the Philippines minus the humidity. It was the kind of weather where it's so hot but I didn't get to sweat a lot. maybe the sweat had no time to seep out of my skin because it just evaporated in the dessert weather of Vegas. 

4D Avengers ride with entails, splashing of water, unexpectedly and a rod hitting us from out of nowhere. hahaha

My first time to visit the Venetian Hotel and Casino. Just like in Venice.

Don't mind if I do Elvis. lol

booty shake with the diva.

nice ass..

The hotel where we stayed in Vegas.

The best male strippers ever. No we didn't get lap dances. Just pictures for memories with these fine hot men. Chippendales is the best!

poop Ice cream anyone?

mr. cupid 40 years later...

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