The Awesome Things: September 2014

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Swimming Time

Summer days, the searing heat, humidity, and that icky sticky feeling. These are the descriptions of what life is like living in a tropical climate. It's summer all year round. I've always wished that we have a swimming pool in our house back in the days and we still don't have it now. But good thing my mom's condo unit has a swimming pool feature. Amazing! And it was at our disposal! It's not that big though but it'll do. Lounging at the decks, soaking under cool waters and drinking coffee with my sister was the perfect bonding moment before me leaving the PH. It was loads of fun especially when we get to fool around underwater and take lots of diving shots. Thanks to my trusty underwater camera! It was my first time to use and I was a bit wary that water might get in and all that stuff. But it's quite good. And it takes ok shots. Nothing that pro but decent photos I guess. And the pictures...

                                                 My smelly sister, Mel. Fatty! hahaha

                                                     My sexy Underwater poses.. hahah

                                                      Us fooling around...

                                     Ok, I had a hard time controlling myself here coz of the buoyancy..

                                            and this is when water went inside my ears, great.

                                                                     Manila road

                                                                chillin like a villain...

                                                                  sunkissed skin so hot...

            I've always picture a scene like this in my mind. Chillin by the pool, laughing around good company, drinking coffee with the music turned up loud, and it really happened just like how I wanted it to happen. Rules of attraction. When you want something real bad, always picture yourself in that scene and it will happen - eventually.

Monday, September 8, 2014

FirstPlace Inc, vs. IRE services

To all of you guys out there who wish to apply for internship in the USA, may this post serve as a warning to all you guys so you will not be a victim like me of this horrible agency called FirstPlace, Inc. My friends actually warned me never to apply to this agency because their experience was just terrible. Aside from 1M Pesos worth of bond (Land title) they will just rip you off your money. I've applied through this agency because I was so stubborn and I didn't listen to my friends and since I didn't know about IRE services before. Boy! I certainly did the wrong move just because I didn't listen.

Here's a comparison between the two

First Place, Inc:

  •  Price for placement is about $3900 this does not include the airfare and accommodation though.
  • You still need to pay P5550 for registration
  • They require a bond of 1M worth of Land title if you wish to choose their internship program while it's P500,000 for work and travel participants
  • There was one intern I know whom they did not give back their land title just because he didn't keep his pay slips even though he actually returned to the Philippines. (Yes, the parents tried to sue them for that.) 
  • The sad part is that I actually applied for this agency and already paid the P5550 and another $600 dollars for placement with a host company. I waited for 7 months for nothing! They just kept on telling me that they will endorse my application but they never did. They absolutely ignored me! What a rip off! I had to cancel my application with them and shift to Ireservices. Guess what, they only refunded me the $400. they kept the $200 dollars for themselves even though they did absolutely nothing but list my name in their database! This agency is the worst! My friends who joing their Work and Travel Program were not happy with their services at all.
  • My other friend who was already in the US also had a problem with their employer and they contacted Firstplace asking for help but the agency just told them to contact the program sponsor instead because there was nothing that they can do. (How helpful, NOT!)


  • Good thing my friend introduced me to this great agency who processed by application for only 4 months. I applied April 2014 and I arrived in the US at Aug 2014. 
  • Their application fee is only $3200
  • They don't have a bond whatsoever!!
  • They're all very warm and accommodating, they'll really do their best to place you in an awesome company as soon as possible because it's their goal to help you reach your dream. 
  • Their staff Ms. Andrea Wright is the one who interviewed me and she seems very friendly and smiling. 
  • Their team is equipped with wonderful employees with over 9 years of experience in the things that they do. 
  • I strongly recommend this agency for their awesome service and great team. Go!

Manila Adventure : Iscreamist and Intramuros

Here's a travel post of our whereabouts in Manila, I'm traveling with one of my bestfriends - Rosevie Taruc, and with my 2 sisters. We went mall hopping, commute around Manila through bus and LRT for the very first time and it was a really nice experiencing something new to a place. Nothing beats truly exploring a place than doing what the locals do. The Philippines is a really interesting place to be. Almost everything is so cheap! Cheap! Cheap! People speak different languages in different provinces, and the culture has this mixture of Muslims, Christians, Ifugaos, and a whole lot of others that I'm still dying to explore. I love my country, the only things I hate are the government, pollution, poverty and the weather, it's so darn hot and sticky. But I love the rest!

We were supposed to go ice skating but they backed out because they're chicken! haha

 The people are like packed sardines, it's kinda funny watching them but I really didn't want to be one of those human sardines which we eventually had to deal with. I was not happy with it. We even had to travel for about 2 hours trying to look for this small ice scream shop and to try their liquid nitrogen ice scream. It was such a hard place to find. We rode the LRT, the jeepney and the tricycle getting there. Crazy!

But we finally managed to find the Iscreamist. Finally! Look at their menu that is like the Periodic Table of elements (and no I didn't looked that up the internet)

Their ice scream per scoop is a whopping P150!!! I absolutely love thier Nutella flavor! It tastes like heaven and their dragon's breath is a best seller. Some other flavors that we tried were Krispy Kreme, Malted Salted Caramel, Oreo's and Cream and Blueberry Cheese Cake. The 3 flavors were great as well except the Blueberry Cheese cake. Tastes sour! egh!

  with Rosevie Taruc.. hey there fellow smurf!

Look at their dramatic smoke effect from the liquid nitrogen! ooooh aaah!!!

The dragon's breath and the smores = yum!!! You should try it! Really good! ^^,

Blueberry cheesecake = not so good! sorreh not sorreh!

That little ice scream shop located in the suburbs of Quezon UP Diliman.. so far away from Makati! huhu
The view from my mom's condo!The only thing I hate is the flood down the streets when it rains real hard.

At the Intramuros church, I'm not sure the exact name but it looks like I've just time traveled back through time, back when there were spaniards, kalesas and paved streets. 

Look at the European inspired houses, I love it!
I love all things quaint and has a touch of vintage.

The courtyard similar to that of Italian houses. Feels like going back to Europe!

  si Madam!

On our way to Chinatown to buy Eng Bee tin Hopia, eat Chinese food and gettin a Thai massage for only P200. ( and no it was not a gogo kind of masseur) I felt my body stretch out and relaxed preparing and conditioning myself for my US visa interview the following day. Good luck to me. Pray for me! :) Till here lovies. Love and Light.
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