The Awesome Things: Swimming Time

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Swimming Time

Summer days, the searing heat, humidity, and that icky sticky feeling. These are the descriptions of what life is like living in a tropical climate. It's summer all year round. I've always wished that we have a swimming pool in our house back in the days and we still don't have it now. But good thing my mom's condo unit has a swimming pool feature. Amazing! And it was at our disposal! It's not that big though but it'll do. Lounging at the decks, soaking under cool waters and drinking coffee with my sister was the perfect bonding moment before me leaving the PH. It was loads of fun especially when we get to fool around underwater and take lots of diving shots. Thanks to my trusty underwater camera! It was my first time to use and I was a bit wary that water might get in and all that stuff. But it's quite good. And it takes ok shots. Nothing that pro but decent photos I guess. And the pictures...

                                                 My smelly sister, Mel. Fatty! hahaha

                                                     My sexy Underwater poses.. hahah

                                                      Us fooling around...

                                     Ok, I had a hard time controlling myself here coz of the buoyancy..

                                            and this is when water went inside my ears, great.

                                                                     Manila road

                                                                chillin like a villain...

                                                                  sunkissed skin so hot...

            I've always picture a scene like this in my mind. Chillin by the pool, laughing around good company, drinking coffee with the music turned up loud, and it really happened just like how I wanted it to happen. Rules of attraction. When you want something real bad, always picture yourself in that scene and it will happen - eventually.

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