The Awesome Things: Manila Ocean Park

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Manila Ocean Park

 After a short stint in Manila for my US Visa interview, me and my girlfriend decided to go to Ocean Park Manila! Their rates are a pit too high on their site but we managed to get a good deal through We only paid P799 for 11 in 1 attractions instead of P2250 or something. Usually their 4 in 1 attractions already cost P550 in the Ocean Park website, so i guess P799 for 11 attractions is def a very good deal.

On our way to Manila Ocean Park, the country's  first world-class marine theme park!

 Can't believe how crook this guy is! We got deceived by him, don't ever ride his kalesa! WHat happened was that, we asked him how much is his rate if he would take us to Ocean Park then he said 50 pesos. By the time we arrived at Ocean Park, he then told us the priced has increased and it's not 250 pesos because he took pictures of us! Crazy assho##!! Remembering it really pisses me off. I was not happy at all! We refused to pay him 250 pesos because we agreed on 50. Then he told us that he can take us a tour to Intramuros and we didn't have to pay after. So we paid him 200 then give him 50 pesos later on. He then said that he would wait for us at 3pm but when we got back to where we first saw him. He was gone and ran off with our 200. What a rip-off. We only got to ride his kalesa for 2 mins and he made us pay 200pesos. May karma strike you bad for your crook ways!

The sea lion show was the first on our list and they were so smart and charming! It's as though they relish the attention! I didn't even feel pity that they are far from their natural habitat because I think they love being on stage and besides, I'm pretty sure they are very fell fed and taken cared of.

I wish I had something like this at home.. how cool is this gigantic aquarium!

 Weird looking fella!

 I love this part when the little fishes would bite the dead skins off my hands, my hands actually felt very soft afterwards!

 They look so funny as though they're watching a movie with stoned faces! LOL I wonder what they are thinking! Probably thinking how silly we humans are for being... well, humans!  haha

Pink jellyfish!
 Now, these guys look like red blood cells.. ewww..

It's really amazing how they play classical music on this room, it just fits the slow movements of the jellyfish giving this classy and graceful atmosphere.

Wearing slippers in Winter wonderland! My feet felt numb!
Overall, I had a fun time at Ocean Park except for the part where we got scammed by that kalesa driver! Sucks! I love Ocean Park, it's not like you'll have the experience of witnessing all kinds of marine animals right at your backyard. 

Manila Ocean Park

behind Quirino Grand Stand
Luneta Manila Philippines 1000

contact: +63 2 567 7777

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