The Awesome Things: Gingoog City with my family

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gingoog City with my family


To all you guys out there who hasn't heard or haven't been to Gingoog City. Here's a brief introduction to this peaceful and homey place. Gingoog City is located in the province of Misamis Oriental in Northern Mindanao. It's approx 2 hours away from Cagayan de Oro City by bus. Gingoog is actually pronounces as "Hingoog" which means "Goodluck" from a lumad tribe of Manobo. This is also where my father's side family resides, so we usually visit Gingoog countless times since I was a child of 3. When mom remarried with my stepfather. And I've grown so fond of my father's side family members. They're very loud, jolly, boisterous and funny. It's mostly a good time when I'm with them because of their great sense of humour, and lively expressions when they talk. They usually talk in this animated manner which I love so much. Even though they're not my flesh and blood but it still feels very homey here although it's just a small city with no big malls, but they have really nice waterfalls and a beach that has cold spring. How refreshing.

I'm feeling nostalgia just writing this, and I just remembered that trip we had when we ate Halo-halo and pizza in this small store by the plaza.  It's a very small town that everyone knows everyone. I just laugh at my aunt when she would call out the names of her neighbors because she knows each freakin one of them! I don't even know my neighbors back home in Cagayan de Oro and they're just a few houses near us! I guess everyone is just very friendly and sociable here. In short, hilig mang intriga and chismis. haha.. but in a good way.. That's just typical with Filipino culture..

What a gigantic marang, Bananas, Lanzones. Food for the giants!

  During Christmas Vacation in Gingoog, I just merged it with our summer vacation so you can see the dreamy lights.

Here's a picture of my family there with the kids..

Unwinding and drinking cafe at my aunt's friend's store. Who doesn't she know here!?

I feel like it's my home. They just laughed at me. lol

One of the attractions of Gingoog City, Tiklas Falls! With 2 swimming pools at the bottom.

Playing with my cousin's kids as well as my nieces, nephews and my sibs at San Juan beach just located at the back of my relative's house... Fun times

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