The Awesome Things: Alliance Abroad Group Video Interview

Monday, July 28, 2014

Alliance Abroad Group Video Interview

I apologize for my big head but I just wanted to give you a preview of how a likelive interview with Alliance Abroad would be like. To better help you so you can prepare for it. As I was surfing the net for some advice and tips, I wasn't able to find any. Alliance Abroad group is just one of the many program sponsors if you wish to work and travel, intern or train in the US. They are the ones in charge of processing your DS2019, SEVIS and all other stuffs that the government needs.

Interviews are generally nerve-wracking especially if your future is at stake here and that's just what I felt. I've looked all over the internet to look for possible questions for the interview to help me prepare but I wasn't able to find any so I'll try to help you prepare so you won't go through what I went.

Possible Questions:

1. Please show a picture ID (passport or ID card)

2. Have you taken any classes that have helped to prepare you for this placement? Please describe. If you have not taken any classes, what experience do you have that has prepared you?

3. How would your friends describe you?

4. Are you currently studying at school? what is your major?

5. Why do you want to come to the USA to do this program?

Good luck! Remember to READ THE QUESTIONS ALOUD during the interview and ACE IT! FIGHT!

UPDATE: Good thing I was accepted by the program sponsor even though I forgot to follow the instructions of reading the questions first. That was so close. I have one problem left, my visa interview. I can barely contain the pressure inside me. Despite the anxiety, I know God will help me along the way for He knows what's best, always.

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