The Awesome Things: Dakak Beach Resort at Dapitan

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dakak Beach Resort at Dapitan

Dakak Beach resort is the perfect place for relaxation one could ever experience, with its beauty and serenity. It's located in Dapitan City part of the province of Zamboanga del Norte. By the time we arrived there, we were exhausted from the trip since we cam all the way from Zamboanga City. We were then greeted with smiling staffs and some complimentary drinks. So refreshing and so good!

We did not do much really, just lounging in the area with the twin room that we were staying, swimming in their pool and had one of the most embarrassing moments ever. When I felt that I just needed to discharge, the closest comfort room I could find was the ones near the pool, little did I know that there were certain toiled bowls that resemble the normal ones, which is specifically for urinal purposes only since there was not big hole. Just a bunch of small holes for the liquid to go through. I immediately used it and not looking at the appearance of the bowl, by the time I was finished. I noticed the whole structure of it was different. Too late! haha I immediately ran away with horror afraid that they would catch the culprit which is me by the way. Then I came back after one hour only to find the janitor making a commotion at the restrooms. I just heard from another woman about the incident (which is my fault by the way) and they just used a leaf to get the thing. Deep inside I was so guilty and at the same time wanting to burst out laughing. I know I shouldn't share this disgusting thing to you but if you mind, then don't read. 

Dakak Beach Resort

Barangay Taguilon, Dapitan City
(065) 213 6813

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