The Awesome Things: Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro Cake Fest 2014

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro Cake Fest 2014


 It was a week long preparation for our cake fest. It was no easy feat, the expenses were soaring high, the time was limited and we kept having failures on making our fondant. Being a Pastry Chef wasn't how I pictured it in my head. I expected having encounter sweet smelling ingredients everyday, cool working condition, no pressure but instead I was facing the opposite. For the whole week of preparation, there was pressure, tension, stress, I wasn't able to eat lunch, my back and legs are aching from standing too long. But since it's my dream, I'm willing to work hard for it and to persevere. No work is easy anyway but I'm willing to be passionate about this. This is my dream, I won't give up that easily.

It was my first time to make a wedding cake and I didn't expect that it would be this pricey because of the ingredients and it really needs a minimum of 1 week to make this. From forming the fondant, the icing, the sugar arts and planning the motif. It was not easy especially because my cake came tumbling down and got damaged 2 days before the event. I felt so nervous, failing was not an option. Good thing, it came tumbling down before the event rather than on the day of the event itself. I'm grateful still. After much effort, my cake was restored to its former glory and was ready to see the light of day despite the damage that it experienced. This one's a fighter, just like the owner. 

                                                              This cake got 2nd place!!

                                            and the Winner goes to this cake...

     3rd place which is my favorite next to my cake of course even though mine didn't win. haha.. I really love the details of this cake and the cherry blossoms, it looks so romantic and refreshing.

  my batch mates.. Baking and Pastry D. This is one assertive team.

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