The Awesome Things: Baking and Pastry NC 2

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Baking and Pastry NC 2

The day before our assessment was definitely nerve-wracking. It's a pass it or fail situation and I didn't even know how to bake soft rolls since I missed that class. So I scanned through YouTube videos and learned from them. I also made sure to prepare all ingredients before the exam and to get a good night's rest. The Tesda NC 2 for Baking and Pastry costs P400 and we had to make buttercream, sponge cake and soft rolls.  With the sponge cake we had to divide it into 3 parts. One part for the mini cake roll, petit fours and a layered cake. If ever you do plan to take an NC 2 for this skill, bring lots of decors for your cake like chocolate shavings and ganache. Our exam started at 8am and finished around 2pm. It was a whole lot of standing but it was worth it because we all passed after answering some of their questions like 

- what's the difference of butter and margarine? 
- What's the difference of cake flour, all purpose flour and bread flour? 
- How do you separate an egg? 
-What's the purpose of yeast, sugar and milk? 

those kinds of questions, no biggie.. 

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