The Awesome Things: Palawan DIY Part 2: Puerto Princesa

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Palawan DIY Part 2: Puerto Princesa

Our Puerto Princesa DIY Itinerary

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I have always loved to travel and I make sure that medicine kit is always present in my travel essentials because I easily get sick when I travel, it's either I get a flu or get a fever. Just like how I had a fever when we arrived at Puerto Princesa. I guess it was the long hours of travel, the dust and fatigue. Good thing I had pure honey and the fever was gone the day after. I just feel so blessed that I was able to visit one of the top destinations in my own country. We planned this trip for a year!

Puerto Princesa Crocodile Farm...

                                                                     smelly crocs..



At the Puerto Princesa Butterfly and Tribal Garden


                                                 pink ranger!  ....

                                                    sunbathing at Pristine Beach Resort..


                                         The famous Kinabuch Tamilok and crocodile sisig.. He didn't want to order the Tamilok because they look like worms but I tricked him that they taste like oysters it's yummy... They're not that bad.. they really do taste like oysters

                                               Puerto Princesa Boardwalk...

Puerto Princesa Ugong Rock Adventures

                             Patience is a must for the Underground River tour.. waiting for our turn to ride the banka


Subterranean River at Palawan

                                                             very hot sand.... nice view tho..
So many bats inside the cave.. don't say aaah!

                                                                   I wan't to swim!!

                                                          so tiring to hold the lights....

                                                            kids playing Patintero....

Posing at the Pristine Beach in Palawan..

Beach babe.. oh yea! 

a la Marilyn Monroe at the Baker's Hill Farm

The snake feels super cold.. 

                                                                Croc gonna eat me alive!!

                                                time to go home.. 1 week was so quick to pass...
                                                                 Flying via Cebu Pacific!

                                                     yummy scallops at Hukad in Ayala...

                                                    till here Lovies... more travels soon!

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