The Awesome Things: Palawan DIY Part 1: El Nido

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Palawan DIY Part 1: El Nido

Its been a while since I've last traveled and I just wanted to share my experiences to you my dear readers about how I spent my 1 week in Palawan with my love as well as the expenses to give you a guide or a picture of what to expect when you get there. So, if you're planning to go to Palawan. I highly recommend that you visit El Nido because among all the beaches I've visited in the Philippines. El Nido is no.1 on my list. In my own personal opinion, it's far better than Davao beaches, Camiguin, Cebu beaches, Boracay, Bohol. After having visited El Nido, I can most definitely say that the Philippines is truly blessed with such beautiful resources with so many wonderful creations of the Father above. :)
Our El Nido DIY 4 Days Itinerary.. organized just for you.. and our Palawan expenses below..

Hotel accommodations El Nido: Novies Tourist Inn - P1100 per night non-aircon room
Hotel accommodations Puerto Princesa: Go Hotel - P400 per night aircon (early bird promo)

 We've been planning this for so long and I'm so thankful that it finally push through without any hassles, delays and flight cancellations. Everything just went smoothly and we even got lucky! We had a free room upgrade at the Novie's Tourist Inn just because we're awesome! hahah

                                Thank you Cebu Pacific for a smooth ride with no delays and hassles!

                                  The people were so nice here at Novie's Tourist Inn...

                                  friendly, accommodating, and there's free coffee and water.. hahah


                          my early morning look... while waiting for our banka

                                       El Nido Island hopping tour A (lagoon tours)

                                                                groupies....  hello there!           

        off to Secret Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Small lagoon, Seven Commandos Beach, Ugong rock, and the other beach where we had our lunch.. I just forgot the name.. We had 6 stops all in all. The usual is 5 but we had a bonus stop.. yey!                                       



Rock formations at the Secret Lagoon..


                  We also did a lot of snorkeling in the area. It was like a whole day snorkeling fest! Floating in the deep blue sea, with the lush trees in the background and the blue skies smiling above us. Wallowing ourselves with the beauty underneath the clear blue waters, the corals, the fishes and did I mention that the fishes at the Small lagoon really do bite! The nerve! I guess they were just protecting their habitat.



                                                                at the small lagoon...

      This is just my favorite place.. The waters in the middle were like 5 meters deep filled with gorgeous marine life underneath and lots of sea urchins! scary and fun! This is just my type of adventure!

                       The gorgeous turquoise waters and beautiful rock formations of El Nido...
El Nido is finally one check off my bucket list and I'm forever grateful to my Maker for giving me an opportunity to visit this beautiful place, for giving me a wonderful travel companion, the interesting souls of the island, the clear blue waters, the underwater beauty, the perfect weather, and the majestic cliffs. It's as glorious as the Artist from above. I am forever in awe of His mystery. He is something I can't prove and something I can't deny. Truly beautiful. Nothing quite like Him.



                 The beach tours the second day was a bit challenging since we had to swim under medium sized waves and strong current 5 meters above the sea bed just to get inside the hidden beach. Wow! One Estonian girl swam the waters without a life vest and goggles! Can't believe her guts..

                                                     at the seven commandos beach...

                             Dinner by the beach..

                    Dream come true! Lolling around on the sand! hahah.. and the weather was just right..


                                 Miniloc Island Jumpshot?? I dare not for my life...

                                               If only I can fly like a bird and be free....

Man! I'm getting even more tan  than usual...

                               Beautiful snorkeling area at the seven commandos beach...


      The weather was just perfect. Not too hot, nor rainy. Just a bit cloudy but everything was balmy.

                                                               at the Big lagoon....

                                                    Island hopping tour B... beach tours

                                                                   I've found Nemo!!!


 at the Miniloc Island...

El Nido was awesome! I would want to do the lagoon tour hopping all over again in the future! The best! I really hope their airport would be fixed by then so I won't have to travel 6 hours by bus. That's the part that I hate. All in all i would give a Rating: 10/10

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