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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Amazing Products (Best Purchases ever)

These are amazing products that are I've tried and tested over the past years of my existence as a consumer. Although I'm not really into the whole rage of consumerism but humans have needs and these products has helped me over the past few years and I hope it will help you too. They are numbered at a random order though.

1. Dual Vac n Pac Bag sold in ACE hardware for P250. It's a very useful product especially for the travel enthusiast as it can help save loads of space in your luggage

                                      Before                                                                      After

As you can see, my luggage space reduced considerable for about 3 inches in height. For the package, it comes with two different size, the one I used right here is the smaller size which is perfect for huge trunks and the other one is very large which is perfect for an even bigger storeroom.


 2. Silk Secrets sold at Watsons priced at about P169. Mostly I don't believe labels because of false advertisements but what they state right here is actually true. It does give you a hot oil treatment for just 1 minute. Instead of using conditioner, I use this instead because I can save more with this small tub rather than buying the conditioner bottles and it gives me really smooth hair. Try it to believe it!

 3. Nichido Tru Lashes sold at Watsons priced at P60 only! This one is a best-seller as it's easily sold out at Watson. I've usually tried different false lashes glue but the lashes fall off after an hour or so but good thing the promo girl at Watson recommended me with this one, it's really super sticky and you false lashes will stick for the whole day. It's a bit hard to remove so I suggest using an oil-based facial cleanser like Pond's cold cream.

 4. Finesse Curl-defining Mousse sold at Rustans or Watson priced at P329. I've been using this product since I first had my curls like 2 years ago and I've finished about 3-4 bottles already. This bottle usually lasts 6 months to me and there was even a time when I had to jump from one store to another just to search for this. 

 5. Pure Honey. It's not necessarily this brand just as long as it's pure honey. I use this for quick remedies for my cough, flu, and fever. I just mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 1/4 water and a pinch of cinnamon then poof! goes the fever. I don't suggest buying from the supermarket because even though they state that it's pure honey but it's already been processed. I suggest you go to local sellers or the ones sold in bee farms. I must admit that pure honey is quite elusive as there are loads of fake ones out there but I got this from a friend so if you want to buy the real one just call him at 09228432500 look for Paul Go.

 6. Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach sold at Ayala Department store or SM Department store. The smaller one is priced at about P350 and the large one are at around P500+. Cant' remember the price but It's really helpful with my facial hairs like the lip area. or if you want to lighten the color of your eyebrows and if you happen to have chin hairs or light facial hairs then this will make your hair invisible or blonde! My bleach creme usually lasts for 1 year since I only use a little for my hairs and then retouch every now and then.

 7. Suave Vibrant Shine at Watsons priced at P289. I so love this to make my hair shiny. You have to shake it to activate the shine boosters and then spritz some on your hair and you'll have gorgeous, shiny Japanese-like hair in a heartbeat and it makes my hair super smooth and bouncy it's a miracle for my dry and color-treated hair. I've tried different hair shine products before but it just makes my hair so heavy, flat and sticky. I've tried Vitresse, Dove, Organix, and loads more with names I've already forgotten and I conclude that this Suave right here is the best!

8. Epilin Hair remover. sold at watsons prices at P189. I've bought loads of Epilin Hair remover and I've been using this for 5 years already. I use it most especially on my legs and I really love it. The growth of the hair is less coarse and stubble and grows less darker as well. There are different techniques though in order to do it right. I've learned it through practice of course. You'll just have to do it by sectioning instead of placing the wax on your hair in one go because it will stick in your skin after being left for more than 5 minutes making it harder to peel off. I suggest after you peel the wax off, use ice to close the pores so there are no small bumps or reddening. It's quite painful for first timers and even for a frequent user like me. The pain is like 6/10 but it's manageable. No pain, no gain.

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