The Awesome Things: November 2013

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ferna Cooking Demo at Caro and Marie

Remember my last post when I attended a baking workshop at Caro and Marie. Well, 2 days after that, they also had a cooking demo together with Ferna. It was for free if for those who were able to purchase at least Php 1000 on cooking classes or on their products at the Caro and Marie Shop. So I went there because it was for free after all and lunch was served as well.

Guess what. It was such a small world because my school mate back in high school was actually one of the chef together with the beautiful Chef Jackie Ang-Po who previously had a cooking show on tv. I used to watch her show before and had thoughts back then on how wonderful it would be to finally meet her and I did! Law of attraction was right. Thoughts become things and like attracts like. So if you always inject happy and positive images all the time, it will show up in your life. That’s what I learned in a book “The Secret” by Ronda Byrne but that’s another story. I’ll give a review about that soon.

The cooking demo was a whole day activity (9am-4pm), we just sat there. Learned a lot of things and we even got to taste the things they baked. I specifically liked the Macarons, the Brookies and the Croissant doughnuts. It was not as commercialized as I thought it would be and it was pretty good. I’ll probably give it a go for the holiday season and bake for my family. Feeling Excited!

Caro and Marie
The Annex 18 Cherry Court,
Gen. Maxilom Ave. Cebu City, Philippines
Tel no: (63 32) 233-4550 / 233-4525

Captain A Seafood Grill

It was my amega’s 19th birthday and since she was so curious about the hype in this restaurant. Apparently they have a boodle fight where it’s military themed and the food is all placed in this huge banana leaf where you just get the meal as you please. You can even use “kinamay” which is a Filipino culture of eating with the bare hands. They also have men to have military chants every time a boodle is served to a table. It was priced at around Php 1,200. And the food was already good for 4-5 persons. Honestly, the food was not worth the price being paid. I suggest that they really need to improve the taste of the food otherwise it’s just plain bland and unappetizing at all. If I were to describe how the food tasted, I would say that it tasted no different than what you find in the streets. They really need to improve on the flavors of their food. The service was good though, I must give it to them. Even though we had so many demands, they were really accommodating but if I were to rate the food. It was just 4/10. I would usually give good reviews to good restaurants but this just isn't one of those. Sorry. 

Chocolate Cake Workshop at Caro and Marie

Caro and Marie has always been known for their delectable treats and amazing cooking classes. Even my mother and aunt used to have baking classes there before they got married and now, I have been bitten by the cooking bug as well. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all. It gives me inspiration that I’m actually able to create something delicious. Cebu is truly so blessed to have someone like Rose Marie T. Lim. A good soul as well as a good teacher and her classes are also priced at an affordable rate which is the reason why a lot of people patronize Caro and Marie.

We were handed out a big box, towel and the recipes upon signing in. 

For this specific class, it was priced at Php 1000 and it was on a Thursday from 1-5 pm. We finished at around 6 though and most of my classmates were mothers, usually. If there was a guy there, they’re usually gay. Anyhow, it was a very enjoyable class. We made 5 chocolate cakes namely the Chocolate Caramel, San Srival, Sacher Torte, Chocolate Mousse, and the Chocolate Moist.

We were all grouped by 6 persons each group and group made 5 whole chocolate cakes. It was tiring also. It didn’t know baking could be so tedious especially when you have to make a lot of fillings. But it was worth it when you would finally see the results of your efforts and we got to take them home as well. Our boxes were filled with huge slices of cakes and I was happy. I got to learn how to bake, I got to keep my recipes as well as bring home the cakes that we made. How awesome is that!

Was it worth it? Of course. I’ll definitely go back.

Caro and Marie
The Annex 18 Cherry Court,
Gen. Maxilom Ave. Cebu City, Philippines
Tel no: (63 32) 233-4550 / 233-4525

French Macarons Recipe

Yield: 74 macaron shells


Macaron Shells

Egg Whites (1) fresh                      100 grams                    3 pcs, medium
Cream of tartar                                1 gram                          ¼ tsp
Refined Sugar                                 265 grams                    1 1/3 cups
Water                                               60 grams                       ¼ cups

Egg Whites (2) fresh                      100 grams                     3 pcs, medium
Confectioner’s Sugar                     320 grams                      2 ¼ cups
Almond, ground                              265 grams                      2 ¾ cups


1.   Sift together ground almonds and confectioner’s sugar. Place in a mixing bowl and add egg whites (2). Add desired powder coloring. Mix well. Set aside.

2.  Boil refined sugar and water together to 120 C or 248 F.

3. Whisk egg whites (1) and cream of tartar until medium peaks and then slowly pour the syrup while whisking constantly. Whisk until stiff peaks form and temperature lowers down to 40-45 C or 104-113 F. Fold into ground almond mixture. Mix well.

4. Pipe onto baking sheets lined with silpat. Tap a bit. Let it dry for about an hour.

5.  Bake in a convection oven at 130-135 C or 266-275 F for 15-20 minutes. Peel off macaron shells from silpat while still warm. Place on rack to cool down completely.

6.  When cool, sandwich with desired filling. Store in an air tight container and place in the chiller. Best served the day after. Thaw out a bit before eating.

Filling (Chocolate Ganache)

Heavy Cream                                                     125 grams
Butter                                                                  15 grams
Milk                                                                      75 grams
Dark Chocolate Compoung, chopped             500 grams


1.   Scald Milk and heavy cream. Pour over chopped chocolate. Stir until smooth. Add butter. Allow to set before using.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kasalang Filipino 2013 - The Premier Philippine Bridal Fair Expo

Getting hitched and planning a wedding is made easier with Kasalang Filipino 2013. The bridal fair and expo took place in Ayala Center Cebu last Nov 15-17, 2013. This is an annual expo that allows you and your entire bridal party to sample wedding cakes, hear music, meet photographers, talk to wedding vendors face-to-face, and gain hundreds of wedding ideas and tips at mall rotundas and paseos during mall hours.


This event is the 8th leg of Kasalang Filipino 2013, which ties cities in the Philippines with one objective of promoting the local wedding and tourism industry. Kasalang Filipino aims to celebrate the joys and traditions of a Filipino wedding in modern contemporary way.

While the bride's to do list ran a gamut of food to flowers to bridal gowns and formal wear, from rings and registries to limousines and honeymoons, anything is possible only at Cebu's premier lifestyle destination for shopping, dining and entertainment during the 8th Philippine Wedding and Tourism Fair Trade Show. Don't miss the opportunity to pass through the nightmares of wedding preparations and submerge yourself to a hassle-free and budget-wise wedding you deserve.

Visit now!The first Philippine-based wedding information website. IT contains everything essential to every marriage-bound couple: comprehensive wedding resources, relevant articles and information and personalized wedding tools.




The Cebu Bloggers were also given a chance to take part in their Goldilocks Cake Decorating Contest. Most participants were couples and we were the only trio there which makes us look like a threesome? Hahah eww. Amateur as we are, we had no idea on how to decorate our cake but after collaborating with our brilliant minds we made this


tadah! our amateur wedding cake! haha

Not bad huh! Not bad for beginners. Maybe I should proceed becoming a pastry chef! Haha 

The participants also got to bring the cakes that they decorated. Goldilocks offers wedding cake packages that has a price range of P4000 and up.


After that, Kasalang Filipino had a bridal fashion show from Cebu’s top wedding gown designers like Protacio, Wedell Quisido, Marichu Tan among others. The models graced the stage with their elegant and sequined gowns that glitter and shimmer against the lights. It would be any girl’s dream to wear those amazing gowns that make you feel like a princess. It’s no doubt that the wedding day is the most elegant and glamorous day for any girl where they can be the princess for the whole day. With all the smiling faces that meet you in the altar, the flowers, the gowns, the fairy lights just makes you feel like you’re in fairyland. I for one dream of that day but for now, I stay singularly happy and make the most out of it because when marriage life comes, there’s no turning back. It’s a whole new beautiful chapter waiting yet to unfold. 

With Tara Lapradez at the Kasalang Filipino 2013.

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