The Awesome Things: April 2013

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Gift of Sight

Once, I saw a little boy riding a jeepney accompanied by his mother. This little boy apparently seems normal except for one thing, he was visually impaired. He was about a child of 9, a bit chubby for his age and had smooth skin. Then I felt a pang of realization of how we sometimes take our sight for granted and use it to see vile, useless and morbid things just to please us according to our whims and fancies. While a lot of people however are deprived of this gift with the causes of it i'm not sure of. It could be genetics, acquired from a disease or it may have been caused by an accident.

I tried closing my eyes as well to somehow put myself in the child's shoes. Then everything turned dark, the only color present was black. Black, black, black everywhere. How horrible it was to not see anything even when you can hear everything. It would be even worse if one won't be able to hear anything. Ugh, I'd rather die if that would probably happen. I would definitely lonely and sad without the gift of sight and hearing. It's as though I'm not living at all. Feeling and touching others but not being able to see and hear them. One is merely existing but not living at all, that would definitely feel so unfair.

If only there everything is perfect in this world, If only no one is born crippled, deaf or blind.
If only there are no insecurities, no fears, no hurts,
no selfishness, no killings, no robbing
If only there is no searing heat of the sun and weather cool and balmy all the time
and the skies are always blue and the clouds are colored pink just like cotton candy.
That would be such a pretty and wonderful world.

I'd dream for a world like that, that the blind may finally see the beauties of the earth- the colors, the expression on human faces, and just about everything and all the ugly details - ERASED forever!

IF only...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy 21st birthday to me!!

(Throw confetti in the air!!)

I may be getting old, but so is everyone else. hahhahah 

I want to use this as an opportunity for thanking God for another year! He has showered so much Love, blessings, grace and favor over the past years especially during my 20th year. He is really bursting with love. 

21 Things I'm thankful for and wish list:

1. I've finally step foot in 2 foreign countries (France and China) . A dream come true indeed!

2. I'm blessed with such fun friends that you can never do without.

3. A brand new home

4. My supportive family

5. My fun fun fun and down-to-earth relatives. You'll always have a place in my heart.

6. Sweet sweet love

7. The gift of life

8. The food to eat

9. The many events I've attended to

10. The shelter

11. The clothing


time for wishlists now..

12. Travel to the US, more countries in Europe, Egypt, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia and all cold countries because I'm so sick in tired with hot and tropical climates. 

13. Live in a different country each year and get a chance to go snowboarding or skiing. ahhhh winter wonderland! that's so magical

14. Work in a cruise ship

15. Have a healthy and a life filled with love and laughter. Live life to the fullest!

16. Have a baby girl and a well-matched partner in life. (yeah, cheesy I know! but that's what I want and there's nothing you can do about it) 

17. Have a wonderful career and sponsor my parents a cruise. *weee*

18. Love God more and grow more as a Christian.

19. Out of the country escapade with friends/family.

20. Graduate from college. (please please please)

21. Seek God and to walk in His presence. 

Look at what I got for my birthday given by my good friends.

A Tiffany & Co. Necklace!!!! Can you believe it that Ashley Ranises actually gave me this. So happy, I finally own a Tiffany jewelry.. oh my heart is filled with gladness!

Ashley also gave me a letter, some munchies and a book and my good friend Daisy also gave me a squishy round pillow. She told me she could be my pillow for me and all, so I can punch her freely when I'm mad and hug her tight until her eyes go out when I'm feeling happy and excited! hahhha.. 

Thank you so much for all the love-filled gifts guys, it sure made my day extra special. I really appreciate all your efforts and thoughts.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weird Black Magic

The weirdest thing happened to me today.. allow me to describe the short story.

As I was riding the jeepney from SM Mall going to my school which is USC. I collected myself and sat down then there was this very bad smell. It smelled like a pig's dirt of some sort THEN out of the blue as I rested my arms on my bag there was black soil on the top part of my bag like magic. Just like that!

I was so shocked as to where that came from as I was the only person who had that black dirt. I thought somebody threw it to me from the back but no one did and my back didn't get dirty or anything.

Everyone was also shocked but just dismissed it nonchalantly after giving out my shocked and disgusted reaction. How weird. I mean that has never happened to me before and I just prayed after that hoping I'm not cursed or someone isn't bewitching me or anything and Yes, I do believe in that kind of crap. It's real alright.

Earlier that time as I was passing my fare to the another jeepney conductor, he somewhat pinched my fingers as he was receiving my fare and I don't know why but I just screamed "Agay" even thought it did not really hurt. Maybe I was "hilo" or something and I also forgot to tap him back so that the "curse" would not take effect. Okay, you can laugh at this kind of belief but this is really in our culture and it's so true and it's just so sad that some people actually practice black magic and witchcraft. Although what happened today doesn't entirely prove that it has something to do with black magic, maybe it's just my wild imagination but my speculation that I was bewitched is really so strong.
Galatians 5:19-21, NIV. "The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; …drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God."

But no worries I have an awesome God who will protect me from those bad elements. He is after all the great "I am". I am your protector, You Father, Your friend, You shield, Your comforter and everything else good and beautiful.

Why should I fear men or evil elements when God made the heavens and deep oceans right?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Danasan Eco Adventure Park with Friends

These are completely raw and unedited photos of our adventure in Danasan Adventure Park. You see, I like to keep my photos real as to give you a preview of what the actual view truly looks like. I can see on some photos how greatly edited it is that it may look beautiful but they somehow took out the realness of the picture's natural beauty. I'm not saying that we should not edit and just throw Photoshop down the drain. No, I'm guilty of editing some photos here and there to take out some bits of its flaws and very ugly parts but some people just overdo it. Such a shame it is that they make it seem TOO unrealistic. But enough with my tirade and let's get on to business.
Our souls are young and our spirits anew
 it's times like these when we want to break free,
change our perspectives and the way we see..
See the world with brand new eyes,
Eyes that beam and radiates our soul

For fate truly favors the bold
who dreams great things
of what the future may hold

Here's to the glorious days ahead
the happiness and love awaits
but nothing happens to the one
 who merely waits..

There we were riding the Shuttle on a 2-hour drive from Ayala to Danasan Adventure Park, but it was nothing near boring when you're surrounded with these guys, these people know how to have fun!
There's always something to say, something to laugh about when these minds are combined. On our way to Danasan, we were greeted with rough roads with lots of turns here and there, the cool temperature and the breath-taking views of the jagged cliffs with its lush green sceneries that can make you say "Aaaaah", "Woooow!". In my mind, I was a bit scarred imaging what if we fall down the cliff or something but don't worry that's unlikely to happen if you just follow the road and if you have a good manong driver to guide you.

If you want to have a closer look at the rates you can press Ctrl + to zoom in. For us we chose their Day Tour Package for P1200 with inclusion of:

-Shuttle Transfer from Ayala-Danasan / Danasan-Ayala
- Any 3 Activities (For me, I chose the Trekking and Waterfalls exploring, Rappelling and Tyrolean and the Wakeboarding with gears.

It was so much fun and it would really consume the whole day. We got there at around 10pm and finished at around 7pm. We were even kinda late for the shuttle. Anyhow, the staffs were very accommodating, we were given some hot 'Pinaig na Mais' for free and it was so good. It was my first time to taste that and I couldn't get enough of it. My friend got injured at the wakeboarding and their medical staff arrived there in a snap! I highly recommend their adventure park. You would not regret it especially if you have a fun gang like them. The experience will add up to your treasure trove of memories. Thank you guys for the laughs, chika2 and memories, more to come soon I hope! 


Hyacinth Mariquit and Jullie Arranguez ready to get down and dirty! Hey Ladies!
The gang riding the ATV.

ATV riders

Hey Ralph! Arte arte oh! di jud gnahan ma pitaan. hahahha


I never thought Tyrolean could make your hands hurt since you have to pull your own weight to reach the other end. It can really pump your adrenaline. It was a good heart-thumping when I tried the rappelling since it was my first time to try it and I was a bit scarred that I would fall off. Knowing that I'm so high up with the pressure of the waterfall crashing down my knees. It was a real adventure and so much fun

Daisy Rubin enjoying the Water Spa. hahahha It felt like being massaged by the pressure of the water rushing down on you.

Rosevie Taruc getting more connected with nature. hahaha. Lush green forest, jagged rock formations, the sound of the waterfalls and the deep blue-green waters, I could not ask for more for a cool and heart-pumping adventure.

It's not as easy as it looks as it can be quite a challenge on trying to stand on both feet with the Wakeboarding. Plus their waters taste so bitter and it was a bit muddy and brown, I guess it was because the water was not flowing since it was just artificially made making the waters stagnant. I do hope they can make it cleaner though.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park
Danao City, Cebu Philippines

Contact: 032-234-0773

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mama Mia! It's Abba Mania

The Pacific Grand Ballroom at the Waterfront Cebu witnessed Abba Mania live as they serenaded the Cebuanos with the hit songs of Abba, the group was a major hit in the 1970s. The concert was under Viva Live Entertainment with Abba Mania bringing to life the songs of Abba reviving the special memories of when the Abba was a phenomenon. Abba Mania was formed in 1999 and was well-received by audiences of all ages.
Since then, Abba Mania has conquered other parts of the world including Denmark, Sweden, Russia, France, South America and now they've come half-way across the world to Cebu!
All dolled up for the concert!
Albums for Sale

Lining up to get in.

I say, the Concert was very well attended by both young and the young-at-heart! The Grand Pacific Ballroom was fully packed by the throng.
The Concert started at around 9pm and lasted for about an hour and a half. The people were starting to get hyped as Abba Mania was about to hit the stage. People were hooting, whistling, and screaming as the show was about to unfold with the crowd getting all excited and jumpy. Then there they were, playing the favorite songs from Abba like: 'Dancing Queen', 'Mama Mia', 'Voulez Vous', 'Super Trouper', and 'Winner Takes It All' among others.
It was as though we've time travelled to the retro era (is it the 70s in here?!). The crowd belonging to the much later generation especially enjoyed it as it probably made them relive the memories of their younger years. You can really see in their eyes as they fall into a trance dancing and singing-along as the music takes over their ears and heart that it makes them feel young again. I wonder if I would be like that 20-30 years from now if I would hear the songs of Justin Bieber being relived again. :) We really enjoyed the signature songs of Abba as it was standard music, the kind of music that never fades as time passes by.

We've got a throng gone wild down the stage hooting and screaming for an encore and they did sang a few more songs! The crowd really loved it and their British accents melted my heart away.

I would like to say thank you to Sir Alec Bollozos Toting of Frameworks Events and Media for inviting me to this concert, it was a real pleasure.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fashion 21 Leg Foundation Review

I've finally tried out this Fashion 21 Leg Foundation that I bought for P175 at Ayala Metro Department. I know how dreadful it is when you just can't make up your mind on whether you should buy a certain product or not. I even stood at the shelf for minutes staring at the thing imagining how it would look like if I apply it on. I finally made up my mind and bought it after what seemed like forever.

I apologize for my not so lovely legs and if it's not a really nice sight to see, but I'm just doing this for the sake of helping you guys decide because I know how daunting it is to decide if a product is worth your money or not. So I applied and used a sponge to spread it evenly.
This is the picture without flash and there's not much of a difference I suppose but I think the latter looks lighter than the before photo prior to the application of the leg foundation.
This is how it looks like with the flash on, the leg foundation has a one color fits all since it adjusts itself to whatever skin tone and it's also waterproof (it's perfect if you're heading to the beach or the pool especially now because it's summer) The sweltering heat makes me feel like being baked in the oven!
Anyways, in my own personal opinion, I like this leg foundation better than the other brand of leg foundation because it makes my skin look pink. I think the results of The Fashion 21 leg foundation is not that bad. It's not as good as the Sally Hansen Leg foundation but what do you expect for 175 Pesos. My legs may look a bit too white after the first few minutes though but after an hour passes by, it looks a little more flawless and more blended with my skin color. I don't really regret having bought it and I'd personally give it a 7/10.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Embutido Recipe

1 Kilo Ground Pro

1 cup bread crumbs, soaked in ½ cup milk

2 Chorizos, chopped fine

1 raw egg

2 tbsp. seedless raisins

2 tbsp. sweet pickles, chopped fine

Salt and pepper to taste

4 tablespoon flour

3 hard-cooked eggs



1.     Mix everything except the hard-cooked eggs. On a piece of clean cloth, spread the mixture.

2.     Arrange hard-cooked eggs. Roll into shape and wrap. Tie at both ends, sew up opening, cover with chicken or meat broth

3.     Bring to boil and simmer until done. Cool.

4.     Unwrap before serving, slice into pieces and serve with liver or tomato sauce.

5.     To make sauce, boil broth in which roll was cooked, simmering it down to desired quantity.

6.     Thicken with liver paste or tomato puree and season to taste with salt and pepper.

Summer Beauty with Flawless

Flawless has recently launched a summer campaign that highlights services that are meant to help everyone live the adventurous spirit of the summer season. Heralded by actress, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, the new campaign is meant to encourage beauty and wellness aficionados to go out of their comfort zones to try new things and go more places.
"All of our efforts- including our marketing initiatives- have always been centered on idea of giving Filipinos the confidence to go after what they want," shares Flawless' CEO, Rubby Sy. "We believe that beauty has its purpose and that purpose is to empower us to live life to the fullest, free from reservations and hesitations."

Are Stubborn bacne (back acne) stopping you from wearing that yellow backless dress to a luau? You can avail of Flawless' back cleaning services.
Do you want to get rid of unwanted hair so you can flaunt those long legs at the beach? Flawless' Laser Hair Removal has you covered.
The brand uses nothing but the industry gold standard Light Sheer Diode Laser to give you a pain-free hair removal treatment.
With Flawless' Sweatox, an FDA-approved treatment that uses small amounts of Botox to stop excessive perspiration by temporarily blocking signals that stimulate the sweat glands.This innovative treatment can give you the confidence on raising those arms with ease and no worries and you can finally say bye-bye to sweaty underarms- which is always a nuisance to us girls.

If you also wish to make sure that you stay camera-ready all season long by getting radiantly smooth skin, the Flawless Nano Power Peel is for you. Easily one of the brand's more popular services, Nano Power Peel is the country's most advanced micro-dermabrassion treatment. Using genuine laser-cut diamond-tip applicators, Flawless' Power Peel effectively exfoliates the skin surface, removing dead skin cells and promoting the growth of healthier cells for a smoother, more radiant and flawless complexion.
Known for continuously raising the bar for beauty excellence in the country, Flawless prides itself for introducing the country's first ever affordable stem cell product line and facial treatment. Powered by Skin Professionals, at the very heart of the company's operation is an esteemed line of well-trained aestheticians and medical doctors, stationed at each of the brand's 35 strategically-placed clinics nationwide, whoa re all well-qualified to diagnose and prescribe solutions for a myriad of skin and body concerns.

You can follow Flawless on Facebook: Facebook:



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