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Monday, December 16, 2013

Signs of the Times

What is wrong with men these days? Most men I know are committing adultery. Cheating their wives and being more unfaithful than ever. They're only thinking about making their d*c$ happy, leaving their wives and children miserable and hurt.
Just like the men that I used to work with in a restaurant in IT Park which I won't mention the name. (You can't charge me with libel if you're not sure it's you right?!) haha

Most of them men there even the owner is cheating on their wives, having love affairs with various young women. Some of the chefs there even if they already have their own children, they took no responsibility of the child and still kept on "sleeping around". Some of my co-workers had a child with one woman yet he just left her after she got pregnant and gave birth to the child and now he got another girl pregnant again. 

I really look at pity with those women and their wives, if I'm in their place and if someone would do that to me. He better make sure I will not know about it because if I find out and I'll surely find out. I'll definitely make him a eunuch! I'll cut his balls off as well!!
I look at those men with utter disgust.

There were also some men that I know who looks pretty clean cut in the outside but we don't know what they are doing behind closed doors. Having love affairs with the same sex. Sticking their thing at the wrong places as long as there's a hole. 

No wonder this country is worse than it ever was before because people are losing their souls and character. It's such crap!
But there was also one story of a woman even though her husband cheated on her and had a baby with the other woman. When this woman (who was the owner of a some-what 2.5 hotel here in Lahug) knew that her husband got another woman pregnant, she assertively wanted to take care of the child and sponsor the child's education just because she took pity of the child. It's unbelievable right?! Like I never imagined someone would actually do that. Her love is so unconditional. Apparently, this woman is actually a Christian. She and her children go to church to where I go to church which is Touchpoint at Ayala. 

She must have experienced God's unconditional and overwhelming love because of the way she poured her love towards her husband who did nothing but cheat on her. She re-payed the evil thing that her husband did with good. It's amazing! I don't know if I would be able to do something like that. What an amazing thing what God's love can do to people.

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