The Awesome Things: Mont St. Michel

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mont St. Michel

Alliance Francaise de Rouen had this field trip to Mont St. Michel with the Russians and I just can’t say no. Call me crazy if I’d ever say no to a sponsored trip. We gathered at around 6am under Pont Flaubert in Rouen and when my French mum dropped me there. There was already the bus that would take us to Mont St. Michel. Wanessa tagged along as well and the Japanese girls Rina and Tomomi were supposed to come along but they thought we were going to gather at the school. Apparently, they misunderstood the instructions. Such a shame, it would have been more fun if we’re together with my classmates since the Russians were not very friendly. It’s as though we were on hostile grounds. They hardly say anything and are not quite engaging, even to their fellow Russians. They’re quite serious I guess.

On the way to Mont St. Michel.. Wanessa had a dream... haha


The travel time took about 2 ½  hours from Rouen to Mont St. Michel. Since the bus was not able to go near Mont St. Michel, they had to park it farther away and we had to walk a few kilometres in order to ride their mini navette.

Voila! Mont St. Michel. The abbey that inspired that castle in the Lord of the Rings called Mordor. It was a very ancient abbey. It’s as though going back to the middle ages where there were monks who had hairstyles that are bald in the middle. Why did they have those kinds of hairstyles anyway? 

 It's called a tonsure btw.


That's the Mont St Michel at the background as proof that i was really there. 

Their pathways here are so small but the aura of the place was like so vintage with quaint shops and cobbled streets or more like alleys.


Honestly, we had to climb what seemed like hundreds of steps up the abbey and the tour was kinda boring because I mostly didn’t understand the French words our guide was saying. In my ears it was like “Yap yap yapity yap” I just wanted to sit and eat French food which is really so good.

cam-whoring time.. 


We had nutella crepes for lunch and some baguettes. French style! I love it so much. The weather was also awesome. It was like being in an air-conditioned place. Back home, my armpits could have been sweating by now from the heat making me grumpy and tired. But here, It feels so comfortable.

 The famous omelet of Mere Poulard which Wanessa is endorsing..

After the tour, we called it a day and went back to our bus. By the time we arrived back at Rouen, it was already night time.

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