The Awesome Things: Mint Brownies for Christmas

Monday, December 16, 2013

Mint Brownies for Christmas

Voila! You're all set for Christmas Noche Buena!



Ferna Brownie Premix                     500 grams                1/2 pack
Eggs, fresh                                       120 grams                 2 pcs,large
water                                                30   grams                 1/8 cup
Gold Coast Butter Oil Substitute     29 grams                   1/8 cup

Mint Filling

Cream Cheese                                   225 grams                 1 cup
sugar                                                  50 grams                   1/4 cup
egg, fresh                                           50 grams                   1 pc, med
Mint Liquid Flavor                            5 grams                     pinch
Apple green powder  color


EOI Sovereign Cake Margarine        28 grams                    2 tbsps
Light Corn syrup                               41 grams                    2 tbsps
water                                                  20 grams                    2 tbsps
Dark Chocolate Compound               30 grams                    1/4 cup
Confectioner's sugar                          143 grams                  1 cup
Vanilla liquid                                      6 grams                     1 tsp


1. For the brownie. Combine all ingredients together. Mix until all ingredients are well incorporated. Spread evenly onto baking pan lined with aluminum foil. Set aside.

2. For the mint filling. Mix together cream cheese and sugar. Add egg and mint flavor. Mix well.

3. Dissolve a little green powder color in water and add a few drops to the mint filling until desired color is achieved. Pour mint filling over the brownie batter. Spread evenly.

4. Bake in a preheated oven at 325 F for 30-40 minutes. Once baked, place a wire rack to cool down completely.

5. Meanwhile, prepare the topping by combining margarine, light corn syrup, water and dark chocolate compound in a sauce pan over medium heat. Stirring continuously until chocolate is dissolved. Remove from heat and stir in confectioner's sugar. Lastly, add vanilla liquid. Pour topping over cooled brownie. Allow to set for an hour at room temperature for 30 minutes inside the chiller. Cut into squares

Yield: 24 squares

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