The Awesome Things: Etretat

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


My French mum – Chantal decided to take me to Etretat for the weekend. It was a really famous place because of their massive stone structures. It took 2 hours of traveling from Rouen to Etretat. It seemed like 2 hours since I just slept in the car because I was feeling nauseous and even vomited a couple of times whilst in the trip. I’m never fond of riding small cars, they always make me feel nauseous. I felt sorry that I wasn’t able to enjoy the sceneries because I just slept the whole time.


When we got to Etretat, it was freeking cold and rainy! It was a very windy day and I felt like I was gonna be blown away by the wind. Can you imagine there were people surfing that day.. in the freezing waters!!!! Madness!

We had the famous French moules for lunch. Nope, they are not the moles you see underground. But they’re like shells. It was so good! So creamy and cheesy! Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo.


Looks like a scene in that movie of Kirsten Dunst called "Deeply" which really I saw when I was a child and it's etched in my memories even until now..

souvenir shop..

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