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Friday, November 1, 2013

Throwback: Paris

In hindsight of an independent girl’s first ever international trip, allow me to give a throwback post of when I was in the city of love and lights – Paris! It’s not really something that can happen ordinarily and to me, it was very much a blessing. I waited patiently for it for 3 long yet fruitful years! God rarely does great things in a hurry. I do apologize for my lack of updates in my blog, I just haven’t gotten the time lately with my hectic schedule at work and with school.  But I've graduated now, which is a good thing, wonderful even.
So here it goes, I was visiting Paris again for the third time and this time with my sexy Brazilian friend – Wanessa Franco. It was unlike my 1st and 2nd trip where I had to do it alone. It can be lonely you know. What's the use of visiting a wonderful city if I wouldn't be able to share the experience with a friend. My first day in Paris was a total nightmare but I won’t allow that to happen to me this time. 

Actually this happened a day before leaving France. Wanessa went ahead of me because she went to Disneyland earlier and the moment I arrived, I took the train and checked in my heavy luggage at Ibis Hotel just near the airport and Wanessa checked in Ibis Hotel as well but much to our dismay, she checked in at the wrong branch since there were two Ibis Hotel near the airport. I felt really bad because she could have checked in to a hotel near the city but she didn't because she wanted to be with me. But it’s okay, we took lots of pictures there and then bought ourselves a whole day train pass for the day after. 

After what seemed an hour from travelling in the subway, we finally arrived in Versailles where the late King Louis XVI and his queen Marie Antoinette reigned. In the 18th century, people were living like peasants because of the famine while the Royalties were wallowing with luxury. Mary Antoinette was later known as Madame Deficit because of her lavish spendings during famine times.  It was a very cold day and my hands felt really numb but it was also great because we got to absorb much of the French culture and history as well as witness the opulent palace and its sprawling garden view. It was huge, it was colossal. It seemed like you can fit 3 football fields in that garden. Okay, so I may be exaggerating a bit but it was really vast. 

Next stop, we visited the famous Eiffel tower. With the picture below it was the same spot where a part of the movie “Eurotrip” was shot. When all those football men were screaming and shouting like crazy the moment they got off the bus. We then took a stroll down the area and taking pictures in a desolate place when a suspicious man suddenly came up to us. In a heartbeat, thoughts came up to me like what if this guy has some bad intentions to us like in the “Taken Movie”. I immediately got up and started walking towards where the people are and called Wanessa to come with me. He still kept on following us, it was so alerting good thing after a while he then took a turn and finally stopped stalking us. After a few glances, he was gone. Good riddance! That made me hungry. Luckily, there was an outdoor cafĂ© where an Italian guy was selling sandwiches and crepes. The moment the Italian guy knew my friend was Brazilian; he was smitten with her and kept on convincing her to have a date with him. He was kinda “mature” if you ask me. I guess Italians just generally love Brazilian women not that I want him to hit on me. Eww! No way! But the nerve of him to actually think my friend would hit a divorced like him. Now, let’s talk about the birds there. They were so friendly, so friendly that they would come up and land to your hands just to grab your food. It was such a sight since the birds from my country would fly off from humans and not towards them. After a second of giving them crumbs of my food, I was surrounded with birds and pigeons and can’t help but giggle at how adorable and hungry they were. When they finished off all my food, they were gone afterwards. Bye bye birdies! 

Now that we've had ourselves refueled with food, we were off to ride the subway again and this time we stopped at Champs Elysee – the fashion hot spot of Paris. From Louis Vuitton, H&M, and Sephora among others with its wide array of make-up! The store smelled so good filled with the sweet scent of expensive perfumes and piles of make-ups everywhere and all things shiny and new. It’s definitely heaven for any girl. 

Our last stop for today was the Louvre Museum. Good thing we didn't pass through upstairs or we would have to queue for a long time. We passed through it from a passage connecting from the subway to the Louvre and we didn't even have to queue and the entrance was waived since we were students! Yey! There were thousands of paintings there. Now if you’re not the kind of person who would appreciate fine art and culture, you would find it boring. But if you would look at it from a different perspective, you would appreciate it with all its art and beauty. That’s Paris, the place for people who appreciate art, beauty and good food. Some may find it boring but some may find it beautiful just the way it is. 

We made ourselves feel at home while lying down with the Louvre museum in the background. It was a dream come true to have experienced visiting such a beautiful city but like all dreams, it always comes to an end but memories will be immortalized in these pictures for a whole lifetime. But it doesn't stop here, I’ll keep on dreaming for my next international adventure and to make sure to put that dream in action. Cheers to good memories and the people who are missed!

quelque souvenirs..

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