The Awesome Things: Ferna Cooking Demo at Caro and Marie

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ferna Cooking Demo at Caro and Marie

Remember my last post when I attended a baking workshop at Caro and Marie. Well, 2 days after that, they also had a cooking demo together with Ferna. It was for free if for those who were able to purchase at least Php 1000 on cooking classes or on their products at the Caro and Marie Shop. So I went there because it was for free after all and lunch was served as well.

Guess what. It was such a small world because my school mate back in high school was actually one of the chef together with the beautiful Chef Jackie Ang-Po who previously had a cooking show on tv. I used to watch her show before and had thoughts back then on how wonderful it would be to finally meet her and I did! Law of attraction was right. Thoughts become things and like attracts like. So if you always inject happy and positive images all the time, it will show up in your life. That’s what I learned in a book “The Secret” by Ronda Byrne but that’s another story. I’ll give a review about that soon.

The cooking demo was a whole day activity (9am-4pm), we just sat there. Learned a lot of things and we even got to taste the things they baked. I specifically liked the Macarons, the Brookies and the Croissant doughnuts. It was not as commercialized as I thought it would be and it was pretty good. I’ll probably give it a go for the holiday season and bake for my family. Feeling Excited!

Caro and Marie
The Annex 18 Cherry Court,
Gen. Maxilom Ave. Cebu City, Philippines
Tel no: (63 32) 233-4550 / 233-4525

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