The Awesome Things: Captain A Seafood Grill

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Captain A Seafood Grill

It was my amega’s 19th birthday and since she was so curious about the hype in this restaurant. Apparently they have a boodle fight where it’s military themed and the food is all placed in this huge banana leaf where you just get the meal as you please. You can even use “kinamay” which is a Filipino culture of eating with the bare hands. They also have men to have military chants every time a boodle is served to a table. It was priced at around Php 1,200. And the food was already good for 4-5 persons. Honestly, the food was not worth the price being paid. I suggest that they really need to improve the taste of the food otherwise it’s just plain bland and unappetizing at all. If I were to describe how the food tasted, I would say that it tasted no different than what you find in the streets. They really need to improve on the flavors of their food. The service was good though, I must give it to them. Even though we had so many demands, they were really accommodating but if I were to rate the food. It was just 4/10. I would usually give good reviews to good restaurants but this just isn't one of those. Sorry. 

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