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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Loft

What we have here is a throwback post when we had a party at The Loft, IT Park Cebu. It was my second time around in the area and it was newly-renovated at that time. The lighting and the space was much better and I just love to sink into their puffy pillows and cushions. It's so cozy and cool since the air-condition was blowing at full blast. Their food was so good too, we got to try their bacon rolls and it was so goooood. I got tipsy with their booze though since I finished about 4 bottles of beer and one friend of mine got super wasted that she actually threw up in the floor. We immediately left the scene of the crime afraid of embarrassment. Eventually I got my friend home safe and sound and went ahead to go home after. Twas' a good evening of dancing and enjoyment. Cheers to good memories!

The Loft
2nd Floor, CJRS Point, IT Park
Cebu City, Philippines

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