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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rodeo Grill

Gidiyup Coyboy! I've always heard from my friends that the food in Rodeo Grill is really good and that we should actually give it a try but at first look with the exterior of the place, let's just say that I was not entirely convinced because from the outside, it looks really empty like a ghost town of some sort but then since we were actually near the area, we ate their with my friend. bom pum pum pum!

The whole place looks very simple, they have wooden chairs and tables and the flooring isn't that fancy either but the good thing about the place was that despite the economical atmosphere, the food was really good and very affordable. I think they just wanted to keep things simple so that they wouldn't have to charge the customers with a high price you know. Probably their way of saving for their guests.

I ordered their Pork Steak @ Php 179 and my girlfriend ordered their lechon at Php 149.

I really enjoyed it there because they had UNLIMITED RICE! I'm a rice kind of gal and the pork was really juicy and flavorful. It was really good. You really shouldn't judge a book by its cover or a restaurant by its exterior. 

Rodeo Grill
Archbishop Reyes Ave., (beside Elizabeth Hotel)
Cebu City, Philippines
(032) 236 0607

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