The Awesome Things: How to get your NBI Clearance in Cebu City

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to get your NBI Clearance in Cebu City

Getting your NBI clearance is very easy when you've mastered it. You don't have to endure waiting for hours when you know the techniques. Allow me share it to you. I've already taken my NBI clearance 3 times already and it was not an easy feat at first but for the purpose of helping others and making the world a better place. Allow me to share some insights. This is for the lazy bums only!


  • Bring ID any of the following: (school ID, police clearance, SSS, driver's license, passport, voter's id
  • They accommodate 400 people per day ONLY.
  • They are open from TUE-SAT 10am-5pm
  • Priority numbers from 1-149 will be accommodated in the morning.
  • Priority numbers from 150 + will be accommodated starting 1pm.

For getting your NBI clearance at JCentre Mall.

1st Step: Call NBI center JCentre Mall the day before to double check if they're online (what happened to me was that I got there on a bad timing since they were offline because their system was down so I had to return another day)

2nd Step: Once confirming that their system is working, you can go there at around 9am to get your priority number. You need this priority number! This is very important. After that, get the forms from the guard and then you can leave to avoid waiting for hours and then return at around 3pm. Most likely your priority number is already around 200+ up so you're most likely to return in the afternoon anyway. For my part, I arrived there at aroung 7:30 am and my priority was 

Another person arrived there at around 9:30 am and he was still able to get a priority number of about 290. I was so taken aback because I had to get there quite early you know and I didn't know that we can actually go there at a later time.

You can get the form from the security guard over there which I encircled. This part right here is located at the back part of JCentre Mall.

3rd Step: Return at around 3pm where only a few people remained. That's the time you pay at the counter, hand them your priority number and filled-out form then have your picture taken and have your fingerprints registered for their bio metric. If your name won't get hit, you can get it after 10 minutes. But if you get "hit" you have to return after 2 weeks but you have to call them first before returning to follow up with the processing. 

NBI center
3rd floor, J Centre Mall
contact numbers: (032) 253-5631 / 254-6444

Another tip from my friend, I'm not sure if there's any truth to it though:

If you're far away from JCenter Mall and want to get it at the Capitol site, you can. My friend told me that you don't need a priority number, just go there at around 4pm and it will be processed in less than 30minutes. Not sure about this though, Imma have to give it a try soon.. Good Luck to us

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