The Awesome Things: Cafe Noriter- that quirky cafe ...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Cafe Noriter- that quirky cafe ...

There's this new cafe in Cebu just across Elizabeth Hotel and a walking distance from Ayala Center Cebu. It's so quirky and unconventional. They have a playground-theme in the whole atmosphere which makes it even more inviting. Apparently, the place was packed when we got there and we had to be in the waiting list. Goodness, we were the 5th group to go in. Most customers are teens and young adults who are so curious about the whole place and with it's cute and lively ambiance.

Barbs and I spent hours in the cafe just chatting away and working on some personal projects. It's been months since I actually went out considering I've been so busy with work. This is just what I need to get things in perspective. Good thing I'm at loose end right now.

Instead of the boring tables and chairs, they designed the whole place like a terrace cafe where you can climb up a small staircase to the top part of the cozy cafe. The perfect place to spend the whole afternoon, me and my friend both thought. 

They even had cute sticky notes plastered up the walls and ceilings.

If you happen to stop by the place, try their best-selling Java Chip Frappe with it's creamy whip cream and cookie too.

Teddy bear loves the Java Chip Frappe eh? 

Rosevie, feeling all comfy and at home.. hahah

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