The Awesome Things: A1 Concert in Cebu

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A1 Concert in Cebu

Earlier from the day of the concert, the boy band A1 actually visited our campus in USC Talamban. A lot of girls were screaming and waving at the band (among those girls was me). Too bad I only caught a glimpse of their handsome faces when they were already in the bus ready to exit the campus. Apparently, I came late as I usually am. Our group of friends also found ourselves lining up for those free concert tickets. Never mind being pushed by elbows and smelling those nasty armpits as long as I get my hands on those free tickets. We were one of those who actually got the free tickets. Well, some people just have all the luck. Lady luck was smiling at us that day except for Ara who didn't get one I guess you really need to push your way to the crowd in order for you to get a head of them. 

A1 was a famous English-Norwegian boy band back in the late 1990s and the early 2000s. I remember that our house help used to have a poster of them back when I was little. A few of their famous songs were "Like A Rose", "I Wonder Why", "Everytime", "Walking in the Rain", "Heaven by your Side" and "I Still Believe" among others.

I adore their accent, though they're not as young as they were, they were still very good looking and girls would scream and shout while they were doing their thing up in the stage. Apparently, they were doing the concert for a cause to give to a charitable organization. 

During the concert, though we were quite far from the stage, we went up the chairs, danced and sang along with them. Just being the typical crazy fan girls. 

Shane and Me cam whoring against the Christmas trees displayed in Waterfront Hotel. 

So far away, what do you expect with free tickets. But I don't care as long as I get to see A1. It was the first concert in Waterfront that I've ever been to and I got in for free. Yey!

The concert lasted for about an hour. I wish we were able to get a closer view of them and have their autographs or even have a meet and greet backstage but it was just not to be. 

We ended that day as happy and crazy fan girls and slept over at Shyane's house. What a day. 

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