The Awesome Things: Swimming at Abellana Sports Complex

Friday, May 3, 2013

Swimming at Abellana Sports Complex

Yesterday we went swimming with Daisy at Abellana just to try out swimming there because the swimming pool is just so big and the inviting blue color is drawing us in.

In the most inopportune time, there were many swimmers practicing there when we decided to go for a swim after our summer class for the sake of exercising because of my scoliosis. When we got there dressed in our swimwear, we felt eyes on our back coming from those effin swimmers (can you just mind your own buisness?!) so annoying. Then there were like three people who kept on asking us where our swimming caps are. We were so annoyed because we just wanted to enjoy swimming and they kept bugging us. Hey, it's not like a swimming cap is necessary when you go swimming in other swimming pools, what would make this pool any different???!!! Those suckers! 

We didn't mind them though thinking they probably just want to mess around with some new faces, those *#%$tards! While we were swimming in the very warm waters (it's like a hot spring maybe because the people just urinated there or something!!) ewwww... There was this head swimmer who really went near us standing in front of me telling us the same thing all over again "we should rent swimming caps because blah blah blah!" I can't help but smile and deep inside I want to burst out laughing because while I was in the waters, he was outside the waters and standing in front of me sporting a body tight swimwear. I was there stopping myself from laughing because I was facing his balls since he was right on top of my face. HHAHHHAHHAHAH Like How am i suppose to take you seriously from this vantage point??!! He looked kinda hot though with the body of a swimmer but he was darkened by the sun. Still we decided to call it a day and we don't want to have anything to do with them just to avoid any fight. You know what, since you love your swimming pool so much why don't you just drink all the water so no stranger can swim in your territory. *%$holes!!! 

So we left.. Good riddance. Good thing we only paid 30 pesos for it.. we got 10 pesos discount since we had our school ID. 

I'm never gonna go back swimming there if I would still see their faces again, ever again!!!!

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  1. required man gud ang swimming cap, especially sa babae


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