The Awesome Things: Paintball in Cebu

Friday, May 3, 2013

Paintball in Cebu

It was during Dwight's birthday and we were so excited to try playing paintball for the very first time. Their entrance fee was 20 Php and
300 php for 50 paintballs
200 for 33 paintballs and
100 for 17 paintballs

Since we were first timers and we just wanted to try for fun we started with 17 paintballs. Then we were briefed by one of their staff, then we were made to wear these camouflage outfits that make us looks like troopers and it was blazing hot inside because of the poor ventilation. Picture this, we were made to wear bullet proof vest, a jacket, a helmet, we felt like being entirely wrapped inside and I was sweating like crazy. I didn't expect that it would be like a furnace inside these suits. But it was fun since we had our own territories and we would protect our territory while finishing off the opponents at the same time. Looks like we're gonna need a strategy here, GENERAL. 

Heading for the shoot of the terminators... I kid..

Their setting was like that of an empty warehouse with vandals on the walls..

We really had fun playing and shooting at our opposing team, (For those who were hit: It's just a game, no hard feelings)

I got hit in my hand as well and it does kinda hurt, which caused my skin to get red and sore but it wore off immediately.

Mark, Daisy and Eason..

I'm really glad we had played paintball, I felt like a kid again running around and chasing after your enemies hhahahh and guess what? Our team won! Since we conquered their territory. hahahhah *evil scoff*

Paintball Cebu
2nd level JCentre Mall, 
A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City

For reservations and bookings for team building or just for fun

Manny at 09173291520 or 09325010680

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