The Awesome Things: Eight-legged freaks!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Eight-legged freaks!!

Can you believe what greeted me last night by the time I got inside my room?? One BIG and ugly spider!! It was a nightmare and I really did have a nightmare about it..

I tried killing it with a slipper because I can't bare the thought of sleeping with that intruder in the room. Good thing it was just in the restroom. Mostly we would get spiders or cockroaches in the room which I HATE so much! It's easier to get rid of cockroaches thought because I'd just have to turn the lights off and leave the outside light of the room turned on and it would just leave the room to follow the light. But it was different with spiders! They love the dark! The darker it is the better for them to hide under the things in the house! 

I was so scared and can't help but scream when I tried to smash it with the slipper because what if it would crawl to my arms and face!! ewww! it's just unimaginable! It was so creepy with its long black legs! disgusting piece of crap! 

I even had to use the other restroom just to brush my teeth and use the toilet! Can't believe that small yet ugly thing is making me use another restroom even thought I'm actually the one renting the room and that intruder is just scaring the shit out of me! So I decided to just close the door and sleep in case it would just go away. Much to my dismay, It still greeted me in the morning when I wake up. I decided that I couldn't live like this any longer so I bought a bottle of alcohol and got up in a chair in case in would run toward me. I don't care if I'd have to use up all the alcohol on it. I just want it DEAD! I sprayed the alcohol at the FREAK and it just ran all over the restroom hiding under the toilet but IT can't escape my wrath! I used up almost half of the bottle of alcohol and kept shouting "DIE you DIE you DIE!!"  then it was slowly dying. In finality, I sprayed some chlorine on it so that it would die for sure, after a few seconds it finally took its last breath! HA! that's what you get for intruding my room! Good riddance!

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