The Awesome Things: The Gift of Sight

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Gift of Sight

Once, I saw a little boy riding a jeepney accompanied by his mother. This little boy apparently seems normal except for one thing, he was visually impaired. He was about a child of 9, a bit chubby for his age and had smooth skin. Then I felt a pang of realization of how we sometimes take our sight for granted and use it to see vile, useless and morbid things just to please us according to our whims and fancies. While a lot of people however are deprived of this gift with the causes of it i'm not sure of. It could be genetics, acquired from a disease or it may have been caused by an accident.

I tried closing my eyes as well to somehow put myself in the child's shoes. Then everything turned dark, the only color present was black. Black, black, black everywhere. How horrible it was to not see anything even when you can hear everything. It would be even worse if one won't be able to hear anything. Ugh, I'd rather die if that would probably happen. I would definitely lonely and sad without the gift of sight and hearing. It's as though I'm not living at all. Feeling and touching others but not being able to see and hear them. One is merely existing but not living at all, that would definitely feel so unfair.

If only there everything is perfect in this world, If only no one is born crippled, deaf or blind.
If only there are no insecurities, no fears, no hurts,
no selfishness, no killings, no robbing
If only there is no searing heat of the sun and weather cool and balmy all the time
and the skies are always blue and the clouds are colored pink just like cotton candy.
That would be such a pretty and wonderful world.

I'd dream for a world like that, that the blind may finally see the beauties of the earth- the colors, the expression on human faces, and just about everything and all the ugly details - ERASED forever!

IF only...

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