The Awesome Things: Danasan Eco Adventure Park with Friends

Monday, April 22, 2013

Danasan Eco Adventure Park with Friends

These are completely raw and unedited photos of our adventure in Danasan Adventure Park. You see, I like to keep my photos real as to give you a preview of what the actual view truly looks like. I can see on some photos how greatly edited it is that it may look beautiful but they somehow took out the realness of the picture's natural beauty. I'm not saying that we should not edit and just throw Photoshop down the drain. No, I'm guilty of editing some photos here and there to take out some bits of its flaws and very ugly parts but some people just overdo it. Such a shame it is that they make it seem TOO unrealistic. But enough with my tirade and let's get on to business.
Our souls are young and our spirits anew
 it's times like these when we want to break free,
change our perspectives and the way we see..
See the world with brand new eyes,
Eyes that beam and radiates our soul

For fate truly favors the bold
who dreams great things
of what the future may hold

Here's to the glorious days ahead
the happiness and love awaits
but nothing happens to the one
 who merely waits..

There we were riding the Shuttle on a 2-hour drive from Ayala to Danasan Adventure Park, but it was nothing near boring when you're surrounded with these guys, these people know how to have fun!
There's always something to say, something to laugh about when these minds are combined. On our way to Danasan, we were greeted with rough roads with lots of turns here and there, the cool temperature and the breath-taking views of the jagged cliffs with its lush green sceneries that can make you say "Aaaaah", "Woooow!". In my mind, I was a bit scarred imaging what if we fall down the cliff or something but don't worry that's unlikely to happen if you just follow the road and if you have a good manong driver to guide you.

If you want to have a closer look at the rates you can press Ctrl + to zoom in. For us we chose their Day Tour Package for P1200 with inclusion of:

-Shuttle Transfer from Ayala-Danasan / Danasan-Ayala
- Any 3 Activities (For me, I chose the Trekking and Waterfalls exploring, Rappelling and Tyrolean and the Wakeboarding with gears.

It was so much fun and it would really consume the whole day. We got there at around 10pm and finished at around 7pm. We were even kinda late for the shuttle. Anyhow, the staffs were very accommodating, we were given some hot 'Pinaig na Mais' for free and it was so good. It was my first time to taste that and I couldn't get enough of it. My friend got injured at the wakeboarding and their medical staff arrived there in a snap! I highly recommend their adventure park. You would not regret it especially if you have a fun gang like them. The experience will add up to your treasure trove of memories. Thank you guys for the laughs, chika2 and memories, more to come soon I hope! 


Hyacinth Mariquit and Jullie Arranguez ready to get down and dirty! Hey Ladies!
The gang riding the ATV.

ATV riders

Hey Ralph! Arte arte oh! di jud gnahan ma pitaan. hahahha


I never thought Tyrolean could make your hands hurt since you have to pull your own weight to reach the other end. It can really pump your adrenaline. It was a good heart-thumping when I tried the rappelling since it was my first time to try it and I was a bit scarred that I would fall off. Knowing that I'm so high up with the pressure of the waterfall crashing down my knees. It was a real adventure and so much fun

Daisy Rubin enjoying the Water Spa. hahahha It felt like being massaged by the pressure of the water rushing down on you.

Rosevie Taruc getting more connected with nature. hahaha. Lush green forest, jagged rock formations, the sound of the waterfalls and the deep blue-green waters, I could not ask for more for a cool and heart-pumping adventure.

It's not as easy as it looks as it can be quite a challenge on trying to stand on both feet with the Wakeboarding. Plus their waters taste so bitter and it was a bit muddy and brown, I guess it was because the water was not flowing since it was just artificially made making the waters stagnant. I do hope they can make it cleaner though.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park
Danao City, Cebu Philippines

Contact: 032-234-0773

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