The Awesome Things: Nugabest Offers a Bed that Heals Many Diseases even The Big C (Cancer)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nugabest Offers a Bed that Heals Many Diseases even The Big C (Cancer)

The Korean word “Nuga” means St’ Luke, the disciple of Jesus who heals people of their sicknesses.  It was invented by Nuga Medical’s Chairman Cho Syung-Hyun who is a Korean national and a medical engineer. The company started out in 2002 and was brought in the Philippines in 2005. In 2006, it arrived in Cebu City. Since then, Nuga Medical has grown as one of the global companies of the world and has expanded all over the world all over Russia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Germany and The United States of America among others. It is the company’s goal to do their best efforts for the love they have to their customers and for mankind and they will continue to expand their 3500 sales networks to 80 countries worldwide. Nuga Medical was also elected as one of the 20 most prominent small and medium business companies in Korea.

This is Julia Joo, a Korean national and a Nugabest bed distributor here in Cebu. She’s been residing in the Philippines for about 12 years now.

Trying out one of their products which gives off this heat that relaxes your muscles and nerves. The attendant informed me that one client who had cysts in her breast but after quite some time of using at least twice a day, her cysts were gone and she didn't have the need to be operated after that. I'm quite impressive with the testimonials that I heard too bad I couldn't afford the product yet. It cost about Php 17,000 and bed is about Php145,000. Gosh, it sure cost a mint.

The attendant also told me that this Nuga belt can help alleviate the pain during dysmenorrhea as well as Mayoma. My aunt once bought something like this kind of belt and it's really a nice way to help lose the fat in the belly area.

Nugabest has a weight and control pad also known as diet pad which you can use even when you’re sitting down. The diet pad has 15 stimulus which helps reduce your love handles. You’ll feel a bit of pain on your first try but one use of this is equivalent to a 30m run!

The Nugabest bed has Jade stones that are similarly used in the ancient times in Asia to heal various diseases. The Jades stones have vital elements that are good for the body like calcium, magnesium and water. These can heal your internal organs that can help discharge the toxins. The bed is electricity operated and gives off a heat. It also has a heater mat that has Jade stones with a natural transmitter and far infrared rays. The heat gives off a relaxing feeling which helps alleviate the pains in your body and revives your nervous system to help generate new cells. 

It is recommended that you use this for 45 minutes and after that you’ll feel revived and renewed just like after a massage, except that it was machine operated. Every day, Nugabest is giving free trials to everyone in their centre and their reservation is a first come first served basis. Mr. Tiong Khing Ong shares his testimonial on how his blood sugar levels reduced considerably after 1 week of trying their Nuga bed.

If you want to give their Nuga bed a try you can visit them at their office at:

FJ & A Enterprises
2nd & 3rd floor,
3133 Sangi-Highway
Tabunok, Talisay City, Cebu

Tel. no. (6332) 462 2048 I 520 1591
Mobiel Landline: (6332) 511.5710 

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