The Awesome Things: Exotic Olango Island Getaway

Friday, March 29, 2013

Exotic Olango Island Getaway


Allow me to give a brief introduction about Olango Island. It is a group of island in the Central Visayas Region. Located 5km from the coast of Mactan Island, it lies between te Bohol Strait to the South and the Camotes Sea to the North. It has six islets namely: Silpa, Nalusuan, Gilutungan, Caohagan, Pangan-an, and Camungi. Olango Island is part of Cebu Province and is known for its wildlife sanctuary.


I am very grateful to Mr. Jonjie Gonzales and his team for having invited the Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. to this exotic island. After leaving the Hilton Port (near Movenpick Resort in Mactan, Cebu) we traveled by barge to reach Sta.Rosa Port in Olango Island. 

Our host took us in their humble abode as Home stay. We get to sleep under cool Nipa houses and truly felt like one of the locals. This is what you call a real island experience- when you absorb the influence of the locals, living like them, eating what they eat and sharing their culture.

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Next on our list of many many things to do on the island, we went "Panulo" a local term defining catching crabs, shells in the mangrove swamps. It was my first time to do something like that and it's really for the adventure-seekers for it's not an easy feat. We struggled across the muddy swamps. Instead of looking for crabs, I was focusing more on keeping my balance as my feet are sinking in the slippery mud and the sharp roots and branches of the mangroves are sticking out. The experience was like walking on rice paddies. Sticky and slippery and a bit smelly. I'm not really the person whose big for these types of adventures but it was something new and I'm willing to do it to expand my life experience.


Look at the sea creatures that we caught. And no, we didn't eat them if ever you're wondering. We through them back to where they rightfully belong- to the sea. Though I've tried eating sea urchins before and boy, they were good if eaten fresh. It taste both sweet and salty, but it may smell a bit pungent if you keep it for a few more days so be sure to finish them 1-2 days from the day it was caught.

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Here's a photo of us, evident of our struggles but I know they still had fun. :) 


We then visited the island's bird sanctuary, too bad it was not the season to see many migratory birds. But if you're lucky, you'll get to see migratory birds all the way from Japan, Siberia and Northern China for the birds use Olango Island as a major refueling station and to  flee from the harsh winter season.


A few of the pleasure of this exotic Island is the tranquility where you get to connect more with yourself and nature. It's a wonderful getaway from the stresses of life for those who want to escape for a while to help give you a fresher mind ready to face reality again. You'll experience the island life, the local food and culture at first hand.


Some of the food that the island has to offer are the "Saang". The meat inside the shell has this elastic texture with a zing of saltiness. They even sell these on the local streets of the City of Cebu and it's one of my personal favorite.


The locals call these "Puto Balanghoy". It's made up of Cassava formed into oblong shapes like these. I'm not really big for it won't hurt to try.


We also got to try another of their local food "Pan Bisaya". It's a local bread that tastes well, like bread. What else would it taste like? eh? You can't expect it to taste like crab. :)


Another activity that the island has to offer is the biking adventure. You get to have a tour around the "barangays" of the island and at the same time immerse yourself in their very own culinary experience.


At night, you can enjoy their disco at the local gym. You get to dance the night away and meet the people living on the island. It's a real Island Get away. 

For more information on how you can organize a tour like this contact them at

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